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Submitted on
July 20, 2013


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Tales of the N64

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 20, 2013, 10:05 PM

Hello Ryceballs, its been a long time since I actually drew something or written something for Deviantart, mostly because of travelling to conventions and work, if you haven't guessed it by now I actually draw for a living. BUT IM BACK FOR A BIT NOW, with more stories to entertain you delicious people! This time Im gonna talk about the classic Nintendo 64, one of my favourite consoles of all time.

This is a picture of me when I was playing the N64 back in the day. So why do I wanna talk about the 64 out of all the consoles? Well mostly because I have been trashing Nintendo so much lately about their decisions in the gaming industry that I thought I should talk about something more positive about Nintendo when they were at their prime. ALSO because I have so many good memories with this console! Without further ado, THIS is how it all began.. it started with my dad coming home from work one day and showing me a newspaper article with a competition on it, it was sponsored by Toyota and it had an image, an outline of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and a very Sydney theme to it, the task was to color it. So I did, I used coloring pencils and a highlighter for the fireworks in the sky, back then I was still playing the Super Nintendo and didn't think much about the Nintendo 64, sure I was aware of the system but I wasn't a kid that had to get anything new straightaway that came out (Although this may have changed in recent years...) but I did it anyway with a small hope of winning but also the fact that I like drawing and coloring. So I finished it and put the submission in an envelope, I remember even drawing a N64 Controller lookalike spaceship on the envelope too. Then 2 weeks later I got a letter... I opened it slowly... and there it was, it says that I have won myself a Nintendo 64. I immediately put the letter away from my vision and took a deep breath, a single manly tear rolled down my face, then it happened.. NINTENDOOOOO SIXTYYYY FOOOOOOOUUUURRRR!!!! OMG!!! YESSSS!!! I was a bit like this kid… NINTENDO SIXTTTTYYY FFFFOOOUUURRRR!!!!!!! Im sure I woke up all the neighbourhood dogs that day, the whole house was shaking. My dad drove me to the post office and we picked it up, the box was soooo big too, it just added to that extra WOW factor. It also came with an F1 racing game, I played it once and never touched it again lol. But I remember that day my dad then drove me to Big W to get a game I want, I looked around and there were lots of unfamiliar titles, I wanted everything but there was one game I really had to get.. Super Mario 64. AND THE EXPERIENCE WAS OUT OF THIS WORLD, mind you at the time I was still playing Super Mario on the SNES with 2D graphics. This was brand new territory to me, it just totally blew my mind. What is this camera button?? What I actually have to push up to walk forward? It was strange at first but I remember being adapted to it very easily, somehow the controls just felt very natural, Nintendo did an incredibly good job at this. And so this sparks my first experience with the 64. OH ALSO, a few weeks later I saw an ad on the TV advertising the N64, it had a spaceship shaped like the N64 controller flying through space... very similar to my drawing on the envelope, I still don't know to this day whether they stole my idea or just pure coincidence.

I used to go to church every Sunday, I had church friends and went to church choirs and everything (At one point I was even helping in teaching kids in choir.. IKR), and I remember going up to my friends and telling them I have won myself a N64, and their reactions were like 'Pffftttt so what?' and then they talked about how the Playstation was so much better with Final Fantasy and that the 64 is for kids.. eventhough at the time we WERE kids so I don't know what their problem is with this. I also remember one time the adults had a church meeting at my place, so my guy friends were over and a few girls were over as well. The guys who were supposed to be my friends didn't wanna touch my 64 AT ALL, they deliberately went into my other room to play the Super Nintendo saying even that has better games, well I was a gentleman and needed to entertain the girls so I put on Mario Party for them to play, I ended up staying and playing Mario Party with them, we were all laughing at the mini games and having lots of fun. The guys heard us from the other room and decided to peek in to see what we were playing, and I saw them kinda like walking outside and checking out what we were playing, AND LIKE A GENTLEMAN I was like 'Umm do you guys wanna play?' and they were like kinda undecisive but ended up staying. :I COMPARE THIS TO MY HIGH SCHOOL FRIENDS, I told them I won a N64 that day and they were like "OK I'll get the chips and the drinks ready, David get a few more controllers, Stanley tell your mum you can't go back home tonight, or possibly for the next few weeks, we are coming over to your place right now. YO VIDEOGAMES LETS GO." I think that says alot about my supposedly friends from church huh?

I played MOST of the classic like Goldeneye, Smash Bro, Zelda, Pokemon Snap, Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo Kazooie, and even some less popular titles that I really enjoyed like Star Wars Episode 1 Racer and Goemon's Great Adventure. These are the games that I just had so much good memories of. Amazing games to say the least. What are some of YOUR stories from your favourite console?

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killertuatara Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Goemon's Great Adventure.... Yes...
Shykittyhime Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Unfortunately my parents didn't want to nurture me and my siblings' interest
for gaming so we only got three games before they stopped selling them.
1. Space station silicon valley, whom I adored, but cried a single tear every time I watched the intro.
2. Glover, in which I still have to finish... Always loved to start a new game though x3
And last, but not least: 3. Super Mario 64, which I to date haven't finished either, but always loved to play.
I can't count the hours I used just to walk around both inside and outside the castle.

Plus a couple of years back I had the joy of borrowing one of my cousin's games to the N64.
Pokemon stadium. Felt like my brain was going to explode from happiness. They way the pokemon moved when attacking,
or being attacked just made them a bit more real for me.

Also played through windwaker and ocarina of time (gamecube version) this summer.
Can't believe the things I've been missing in my childhood!
TolkienOP Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I guess awesome dad is awesome, huh? xD
Sadly I don't belong to the N64-generation, I grew up with hand consoles and stuff, but I've played the N64 once with my neighbor (Diddy Kong Racing) and it was awesome! 
May I ask how old you were when you won that N64?
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
I mightve been 11 or 12 i would guess???? Im terreible at workin out numbers
StndNerdBoy11 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
At some time I won a N64 too!
But I had the green one before >//<
but wining something was amazing, maybe not as amazing as yours hehe
Rutana Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Student Writer
My favorite console is the Super Nintendo :)
It's also THE console of my childhood (...or maybe my childhood in whole... XD), and the one I played most (excluding handhelds, because the 3DS comes veeeery close), that I value most, and that I have the best memories on.
Back then, my favorite SNES game was Secret of Mana. And dear god, that game... it inspired me, it sparked my creativity. My first "cosplay" (without knowing the word or trend back then in 1995/96 without internet...) was the Sprite on Carneval (the festival where we dress up here in germany, because we don't celebrate Halloween - that only started within the last few years here and doesn't really get a ground with the kids, it's more the adults who throw a horror-themed party here and there...).
For a while, it even was my religion, as I found it more reasonable to believe in natural spirits then a flawed organisation. (...still think so btw, even though I grew up and don't dance to "Era"* Music in favor to the Mana Spirits anymore... XD)

I actually played this game with two friends, which was amazing, because it was the first 3-player SNES game in germany - or the first which got advertisement :D
My two friends, both boys, always fought about who was allowed to play the Hero (and it was always the same one who won), then the other started to fight with me about who was allowed to play the Sprite. And I always ended up with the Girl. Which non of us liked back then XD
It taught me how to be a good healer in games though :D
The Hero/Boy was called "Jason" - because he was the favorite Power Ranger of the friend who always played him XD
The Sprite was called "Kobi", as it's short for "Koboldin", which was the german name of the Sprite. And the Girl we called "Naso" - because we don't liked her and thought the name is just as stupid XD
When I play the game today, I still use these names for the characters. I'll never change them up :D

Today, my favorite SNES game is Final Fantasy VI. This RPG just blew my mind when I played it, which was yeeears later, because it never got a SNES release in europe ^^

* An example for "Era", since I don't know how known it is outside of europe:…
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
i also love SNES, i wish they would bring in some SNES games for the 3DS virtual console, i dont no why they havent yet :(
Rutana Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2013  Student Writer
yeah... really don't know why they don't bring them over ._.
The 3DS would be so perfect for SNES games! I mean, they even portet some of them over already (like Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire and Lufia), why not opening the Virtual Console, too? ._.
KorukiKonaru Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013
I'd pretty much just be repeating your story since the N64 is my all time fave too.
JamJamKyogre Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
My best video game memories are with my Game Boy Advance... I had a red one, my older sister had a blue one. We played Pokemon.
Pokemon Crystal, Pokemon Red, Pokemon Blue, Pokemon Leaf Green, Pokemon Fire Red, Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, Pokemon Emerald and Pokemon Red Rescue Team.
(and then there was this one Barbie horse game... but it was really mostly Pokemon!)
The funny thing was that we brought them everywhere and played them everywhere- when we woke up, when we ate breakfast, when we ate lunch, when we ate dinner, when we were at the mall, when we were at restaurants, when we were going to sleep, when we should be going outside and living life in the 'real world'... I'm not sure how we got away with it, because when we got Okami and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for the Wii, we left the 'real world' again too but our mom tried to keep us on Earth. (heehee now we live in Skyrim on the XBox 360 and my mom just knows that we are citizens of Skyrim and not Canada)
I think the best memory of our Game Boys was sitting in bed (we shared a room) under the covers (sooooo warm!) and playing Pokemon late at night after our mom tucked us in. We'd shove the Game Boys under our pillows when our mom came in, but she must have known anyway. I think parents really do have an extra eye on the back of their head and an extra ear, too.
Another great memory was when I caught a Kyogre in Pokemon Sapphire and named it Cerulean. I still have it- <3!
One day water was spilled and our Game Boys slowed died. We had to throw them away.
Much later, we dug up our old Game Boy games and took them to EB Games and traded them for Super Smash Bros Brawl. (good, but Pokemon was always better... D:)
Now we miss our games dearly (pssh who says you can't be friends with games??) and search for old ones for sale.
A few months ago... I saw a red Game Boy at a thrift store!
Its back was missing and we didn't get it.
We still look for Game Boys and games! And because we are Pokemon trainers (and citizens of Johto, Kanto and Hoenn) we find our games and get back our lost Game Boy Advances!
(sorry this was sooooooooooo long)
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