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August 12, 2013


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Ry's Life Rules

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 12, 2013, 9:05 AM

Kinda misleading title I know, but no its not about how awesome my life is, but more about some life rules that I like to follow. WELLLLL try my best to follow them anyways. If you think some of them are worth trying, then sure follow these rules with me :D

Yup, I have not seen One Piece or Bleach so I will not do fan art for them, Im sure they are great anime as people has told me, but I just haven't gotten around to watch it thats all. So yes for me, I gota be a fan before doing fan art for something. Otherwise it kinda takes away wat the true meaning of what fan art is right? But yes I do know some people who draws fan art of whats popular rather than what they like, I remember one time I was walking in the artist alley and saw an artist who did an artwork of a fandom that I like, so I spoke to them about the series and realised the person has not played the game or know anything about it, but just drew it because its popular and people may buy it. I lost all respect for that artist.. :(

I don't even type the F word... UNLESS its really really something terrible and I had to let it out, like recently when I found out I have been betrayed by somone, it broke my trust with that person and they can die in a fire. But other than that I don't swear. Its not that I got anything against swearing, but I know other people might get offended. And its hard to tell who gets offended and who doesn't, so I just avoid it completely. Well for one I know my parents don't like people swearing. So for their sake I don't do it. Oh I wrote a journal about this in January if you wanna read more about it.…

3.NO PIRATING (unless its literally impossible to find anywhere)
Thats ryght I am a guy living in 2013 who does not do anything illegal, NOT EVEN ONLINE. I mean there WAS a time when I was a pirate AARRRGGHH, but I have changed, this started probably back in 2009 when I joined a competition and won myself an Adobe Suite, I was happy that I won it but wondered why I wasn't happierrrr.. Well the thing is I already got a pirated Adobe Suite that I have been using for a long time, and would even be a hassle to get rid of my pirate version to install the legit version, but at the end I used the legit version anyway, because I mean why not? Its there. BUT It made me think, I should be appreciative of my prize more.. I have earned my prize and I should be treating this with a happier attitude, but why ain't I more happy than I should? Well because I have been pirating thats why! I felt like pirating has made me less appreciative of legit things, and thats a problem. People work days and months and possibly years to make something, like a piece of music or movie or software, all their hard work just to be downloaded for free by some teenager? Its sad. I then thought about what if something I work hard in making gets pirated.. YES I WOULD GET SO MAD (and yes it IS happening, with my artworks on iphone cases and printed on some T shirts in china, I never gave them permission). So from that point on Im like 'ok thats it! I gota be an honest person and set an example on how to live a positive and ryghteous life.' I never downloaded a single movie before anyway because of slow internet, but even now I don't do it because of this life rule. I also don't download music if I know I can get them in shops.. but sometimes you get some odd balls that the ONLY way to get it is to download, like a Puzzle Bubble 8bit music from the SNES or something, you cannot find a CD version of this anywhere! Well an alternative is just go on youtube and listen to it, I like to think if its on Youtube then the company is ok with it.

This goes hand in hand with the piracy thing actually. So yes I don't steal or vandalize or anything. If its against the law then I won't do it. And lucky for me Australian laws are quite reasonable.

This is the big one. I don't lie. you might think its impossible but really.. there are ways to do this, I even see this as a challenge to myself. So what tricks can I use so I can be honest and not get murdered by my truthful words? Well if I don't wanna say something as it may hurt someone's feelings or make a situation worse I will just not say it at all, or tell the person I don't feel comfortable saying it. I believe in honesty and will always speak the truth (Well I try my best). I sometimes have to justify my words into a certain perspective though if its really really bad, its kinda like twisting my words... but hey at least I didn't lie! :I

The rules above are mostly for caring about other people right? Well this one right here is a shellfish one lol. I stay away from trouble, this includes people doing bad things or just even some people in general. If I can see a person is gonna be trouble when they walked in, or is gonna make me uncomfortable or upset accidentally or on purpose or watever, Im outta there. Im a happy-go-lucky easy going guy, I don't need depressing people around me who may rub off some of their negative energy onto me. Its unnecessary problems that I just really don't have time for or need. I know it sounds selfish, but hey life is about being happy. And I like being happy.

Thats all the rules I can think of at the moment. I was always used to applying rules to my life, especially when I used to go to church and was taught that God sees whatever I do so I gota play by the rules even when no ones watching. So yes even till now I still apply my life rules even when I am just by myself. Do you guys have any life rules you like to follow? please comment below and let me know, who knows maybe if I can see the importance of it I will add it onto MY rules too. :D

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MrsVolv Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013
The "no F word" made me laugh... Other swears are ok then? XD
I know, in English there are not a lot of such words except fr the "F" one, but still xD

Unfortunately in Poland we do have a whole 'dictionary' of such words which are mostly much stronger than just "F"...

And if not about pirating then I would pobably never knew Pokemon games and also probably never drew on computer.
For me it's good, because only because I played Pokemon gold before for free(I got a .rom and GB emulator fro friend years ago), now I buy every single game I can find and afford. As I'm not rich I never buy things I don't know if these are expensive, so I would NEVER buy Adobe if I could not use it for years for free before. (Because 30 days trial is laughing matter, it took me 8 years to learn Photoshop properly).
I think such programs should be for free for kids and n00bs so they can learn it and learn to love it and then if someone wants to earn money using it he should buy the commercial version. This way everybody would be happy and they would earn much more than now.
Magicbird Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
I agree with all of the above! 
And I like what you said about the pirating one! It definitely puts a new perspective on pirating. The biggest problem I have with pirating is that some pirated files, for, let's say, music, have pretty sketchy links that mess with my computer, so I try to stay away from pirated things. And I've been trying to stop pirating in general. Except for streaming anime that isn't found in the US, and I used to pirate my DS games. :I 
As for your artwork on iPhone cases, I didn't know that was illegal, and I'm so sorry you're being jipped out of your money! D: I got my current iPhone case online, and it was customize-able, so I picked one of my favorite artworks from one of my favorite artists, and they printed it on the case. Now I'm just staring at my phone, questioning it's existence. D:
 As for rules I like to live by, a big one is being positive.
I really don't like the feeling negativity gives me, and I just want to be that positive influence in other people's lives! (: 
Have a good day! 
Ahkward Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013  Professional General Artist
For most part I agree. 

I do lie sometimes.. but mostly when I do not want people to worry if bad thingshave happened. I will say that it is all good, so I do not lie to be bad, I just do not want to have others be concerned. They have own lives to worry about. 

I do not ever pirate. I actually get really mad when I learn people pirate things. How would you feel to work months or years on something to get it stolen from you and not make earned wages. I tell people that, but until THEY are stolen from, they do not care about stealing from others. World is full of hypocrits. 

I do get into trouble sometimes. Mostly it is because I said something I should have not said. I am very bad with words and my tone and body lanfuage. So i mean one thing, but totally different meaninv comes out. :/ So annoying.
nk-twist Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
I fully agree with the first rule. I won't draw anything I've never read/watched/played, and I extend that into my wardrobe, too. I won't wear a t-shirt of a band or a show if I haven't listened/watched and enjoyed that thing. 
ehmurarld Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
sir ausie ex pirate ry
i like the sound of that
HakiSOul Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Speaking of Life Rules, I believe Discipline one of my most important. 
In today's society, it is becoming harder and harder to see decent people...:(
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
well yes I think discipline is important, discipline and self control i guess. i do believe kids needs more discipline now days, too many of them are spoil. but then again if i have a kid, i think i will be the spoiling father...
holyfox6894 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You can be spoiled and still be a well mannered person. I was given anything I wanted when I was younger but I was also shown people who did not have it as easy. My mom use to make me go help her give out food at homeless shelters, and take me to orphanages to give them my toys I no longer needed/wanted. I think it's made me want to work for things now that I'm living by myself and appreciate the things I have.
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
oh ur mum is very kind
holyfox6894 Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. My dad was a spoiling kind of father. :)
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