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Submitted on
June 3, 2013


54 (who?)

Ry helps you with your homework (kinda not really)

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 3, 2013, 7:38 AM

Hi Principal Ry here. I know its exam time for many of you and you guys must be stressed as duck! So I have decided to help you Ryceballs with your homework (kinda but not really). If you got a question you struggle with or ANY questions what so ever, ask in the comments below and I will use NOTHING but my brilliant mind to answer them for u. I am knowledgable in pretty much all things in the universe. Throw them my way.

I will add the questions you asked in this journal along with the answer

:bulletred:Silverpoint345 asks:
How did the introduction of Jazz, Crazes and popular media influence the American populace during the early 1920s?

Brilliant question Silverpoint345, well well well firstly the American public heard the music and was like "HELL NAH THIS AINT MUSIC" cos in the 1920s everyone was kinda boring and didn't do much except for talkin about the weather, then after a while they became more open minded and were like "HELL YEAH THIS IS MY KINDA SH*T" and they started dancing to it. Hair were let loose and bras were flying out the window. I see you visualizing, well let me remind you in the 1920s everything was in black and white so dont you dare add a single touch of color to your imagination.

:bulletblue:MrsVolv asks:
My computer reject to co-work properly with Illustrator while I'm trying to make my Design Diploma project. You need to give me additional RAM if you wanna help. D:<

You can download more RAM here:… your welcome!

:bulletred:AlexenWorks asks:
Im gonna do my social service and Im quite nervous, how about something to help feel better?

Im proud of you for doing this, there's nothing better than doing things for those in need. You dont need to be nervous, once you see the smile on the people's faces you will immediately feel less nervous. I have done something similar when my previous church went to a nursing home to entertain and serve old people. It humbles you and kinda makes you appreciate life. Sorry there's nothing funny in this answer lol

:bulletblue:eurohunk2 asks:
What is the ultimate question?

Well eurohunk2 I know what the ultimate question is, but I'm afraid you would not understand it even if I told you. Like thats how complicated and out of this world the ultimate question is. I hope my ultimate answer is helpful.

:bulletred:Twilmoon asks:
Ok, I've got a question (sort of..) for you.. MARRY ME?? ♥

Well I am already married to Pikachu, TOP from Big Bang, Photoshop, my videogames, every Ryceballs (Many of them don't even know that). So yeah one more wouldn't hurt! I will marry you \o/

:bulletblue:G-Midgit asks:
How do pollen allergies work? Why are the trees trying to kill me?

AIYO, you poor soul. Pollen allergies occurs when your body refuses to have any contact with flowers (Maybe from homophobic reason cos flowers is like some girly sh*t), but then the flowers are like "YO LET ME TOUCH YOU" and your body's like "NO STAY AWAY FROM ME YOU GAY COLORFUL FLOWER" and the flower's like "IM GONNA TOUCH YOU!" and the body's like "NO STAHHHPP!! GO AWAY" then the flower got really pissed off and decides to poison your body. Same goes for trees, cos trees and the flowers are like bffs.

:bulletred:Various-Aliter asks:
How does the usage of forensic hypnosis distort eyewitness memory?

Forensic hypnosis can distort the eyewitness's memory because a human brain is quite fragile, you can change the whole personality of a person by implanting an idea into them. And also, never let the eyewitness fall into Limbo. Too dangerous

:bulletblue:WendyLine asks:
Is cryogenic possible? Like the whole process of freezing your body for many years and then waking up in the future with your body still all intact?

Yes of course. How else is Leonardo Dicaprio still alive after Titanic?

:bulletred:Temethria asks:
What is art?

Pffttt hell if I know.

:bulletpurple:Fuzzyhair asks:
Pepsi or Coca Cola?

I prefer Coca Cola because I like their brand color better, but seriously when it comes to taste I can't tell the difference! Also I wanna know what school you go to because your school asks some rather strange exam questions.

:bulletblue:Limey-Boy asks
Can a match box? and if so could it beat mike tyson.

Yes a match can... box. And no, nobody beats Mike Tyson.

:bulletred:ThunderSpade asks
Where IS Timbuktu located? Cuz, I said Africa and my friend said Europe and I don't feel like looking it up. I'm pretty sure it's Africa since that's what Scooby Doo books told me

Yes its in west of Africa, you friend needs to read more Scooby Doo.

:bulletblue:Ryunk asks:
Why did Kant say that good friendships are like coffee?

It was more like he was caught off guard really, he was asked what friendship was. And Kant nearly spilled his coffee cos he can't think of anything witty to say (Pretty much like most of my answers in this journal), and then he thought. YES THATS IT, I WILL COMPARE IT WITH COFFEE. So he did, he says "Friendship is like coffee....." and he stumbles a bit, he has no idea where he is going with his sentence but gota finish it anyway so he added "......never once cool back the original flavor, even hot..." Kant crossed his fingers hoping his answer was satisfactory, and sure enough people liked his answer cos Kant is a respectable philosopher and Kant wiped his sweat and was like "PHEWWWW can't believe I got away with that!"

:bulletred:Stalfrost asks:
'Religion continued to influence the authorities' view of what was a crime throughout the period c1450–c1750'. Do you agree? Explain your answer

Was killing a crime in c1450–c1750? If so then yeah. Cos 'Thou shall not kill' is like one of the big rules in the bible. IF killing WASN'T a crime in c1450–c1750... then I have lost faith in humanity.

:bulletblue:ClavisAnima asks:
Can you give me a resourceful site with a lot of Watership Down quotes please?

What am I Wikipedia? :I  But ok let me ask my friend Google for ya, oh Google says this link…

:bulletred:Emmamoons asks:
What is the meaning of life?

Whatever you make of it. (omg that actually sounded smart)

:bulletblue:k-hots asks:
who is the first emperor of japan?

Emperor Nasi Goreng, he was the one who built the great wall of China.. to keep the rabbits out.

:bulletred:PrincessTaupe asks:
Why don't doctors stop complaining and do their job?

I donno, I try to avoid my doctor because once I nearly hit him with a car.. true story. Afterwards I try hard not to get sick so I don't need to see him :S

:bulletblue:Just-Me143 asks:
Can you explain parabolas to me? XD

Sure, you know sometimes when you hear something funny or a tragic news. Go look at yourself in the mirror, pay attention to what you lips are doing. It just formed a parabola

:bulletred:InPBo asks:
Were can i find a After effects that works in a 32bit computer?

In a shop that sells After Effects for a 32bit computer?

:bulletblue:Henmiester asks:
How do laserjet printers work Ry?

Like this *PEW PEW*

:bulletred:TheonknownKLAW asks:
Why do extroverts constantly fail to understand introverts? in the sense of: why don't they understand tha not everyone in the world wants to run out and socialise? do they not realise we introverts prefer to play this MMORPG that is life single player? or max with a small party, why do they pester us so?

Cos they don't know how to turn on a computer.

:bulletblue:winterbubbles1 asks:
Why do people tell you to stay a kid for as long as you can. Yet the moment you do anything childish or immature they tell you to grow up?

AHH you see there's a very specific age they want you to be, so kinda kiddish but not to the extent of asking you to change diapers for them. I have done my research, the specific age they are referring to is 8 years and 3 months and 15 days old. Just behave at that exact age and no one would bother you again.

:bulletred:Icchan asks:

You can start by clicking that red cross on the top right corner of this browser (Or top left if you are using a Mac)

:bulletblue:GreenGem64 asks:
I'm gonna do a presentation about Russia! D: Quick! What is their culture? I am also nervous about presentations... how do you do well in them?

Russian women are very hot, and they have a sexy accent. Also if you are nervous about presentation, just imagine everyone in the classroom naked and you wouldn't be nervous again. If a room full of nude people makes you nervous then pixelate their private parts in your imagination.

:bulletred:Fire-Ferrets asks:
Why does my meowth poop in front of the litterbox rather than inside it? u.u

Because your Meowth is trolling you. You can troll it back by stroking the chair instead of your cat. Every cat and its owner plays this game.

:bulletblue:OtakuRose asks:

When a bowl of hot ramen sits in front of you and says "If you love me then please eat me" and you drool and go "YES YES YES I LOVE YOU"

:bulletred:Natsusume asks:
What's the best way to procrastinate?

You are doing a great job by reading on this journal! <3

:bulletblue:kkstar97 asks:
Is there a way to pass a class without reading the textbook and studying? Cuz I find history reeeeeaaally boring.

Yes but it requires bribing. You need $$$ for dat.

:bulletred:Sonaze100 asks:
Any suggestions for someone who wants to be a writer and a librarian?

Write a lot and apply for a job as a librarian :D

:bulletblue:chinduda asks:
what is -3/5 x (-25/9) x (-3/5) ~actual question from my middle school exam~

-3/5 x (-25/9) x (-3/5) = (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

:bulletred:NoaQep asks:
How do I contact my case worker when I can't see them without an appointment, yet they never call me back when I leave a message on their phone? =~=;; *desperate*

Just rock up at their place and yell "WHY YOU IGNORE ME?!"

:bulletblue:seifuku-senpai asks:

Well some people are born Chinese, some British, some Japanese and some are Beavers.

:bulletblue:Apocalyptic-Eclipse asks:
Can you help me recruit/ask people to do a quick survey so I can do my college research project? :hump:

Sorry I dont help in that way. You might actually have to get up and do a survey around college.

:bulletred:napandastia asks:
What's the meaning of our existence? :iconimspeechlessplz:

Like the answer above, the meaning of our existence is how we make of it.

:bulletblue:GadzooksTD asks:
Can I give you a present when I see you next? :3

OH SURE! I love presents :D Thank u in advance

:bulletblue:destroyerofgalaxies asks:
Ry, can you give me some funny scenarios that might happen in a horror/comedy sitcom?

Ok so like this guy goes to a bar and orders a drink from the bartender, he got a bit drunk and says to the bartender "You see that empty shot glass over there? I bet you $100 I can piss from this far away into it." The bartender takes a look at the shot glass, its quite far away, and he thought its easy money so he told the guy to go ahead and do it. So the drunk guy unzipped his pants and started pissing everywhere, he pissed on the floor, he pissed on the table, he pissed on the ceiling and he even pissed on the bartender. He pissed everywhere EXCEPT for the shot glass. The guy lost the bet so he told the bartender he has to go out to the bank to get the money, so he went and came back and paid the bartender $100 but started laughing his ass off. The bartender took the money but he was confused, he asks "What are you laughing about? You just lost yourself $100", the drunk guy then told the bartender "heheheheee because before I came into this bar I told the guys outside that I can bet them $400 that I can come into this bar and piss on everything, I can piss on the table, I can piss on the ceiling, I can even PISS ON YOU and you would still be happy about it."

:bulletred:prince-buggy asks:
In late July, early August, I have my trial HSC exams, but also... I have a Japanese exchange student coming over to stay. Were the trials hard? How much should I study? (Because I don't study much at all and usually find myself playing games and procrastinating like a boss.) Since you are a super genius and you know all Mr. Ryceball of Destiny.

WELL the correct answer is to study as much as possible, but I cant speak about dat cos I did terrible at school too. Then I miraculously got lucky and somehow managed to survive. So thats that :I Study a lot just in case I guess!

:bulletblue:LightDragon777 asks:
A ball is thrown upward from a height of feet with a feet per second. The height of the velocity of the ball after t seconds is given by the function: h(t)=195+75t-162^2. Find the time at which the ball hits the ground, and the time at which the ball is at it's apex.

I actaully did an experiment to help you find the most accurate answer, I threw the ball up at exactly 3:45pm, but I threw the ball too far and it fell down a hill. So I never found out the answer. And I lost a ball ;__;"

:bulletblue:Rubixa-Seraph asks:
What are riceballs made of?

Rice and balls

:bulletred:omuuu asks:

What you experienced there was a common case of 'Sleep Shaving', its when you mind is asleep but your body gets up and starts shaving your legs.

:bulletblue:xXAzure-KitsuneXx asks:
Why is Chemistry such a bitch? I used to like it, but then it got complicated and was like, "F*** You!!!!!!!!! :evillaugh:"

The only thing I learnt from Chemistry class was that if you inhale helium your voice goes up.

:bulletred:flying-bagel asks:
Where do babies come from?

Ah flying-bagel you have brought up a very interesting question. Well well well when yo papa and yo mama loves each other very much.. yo papa would reach down and pull out his.. belt as the pants were too tight and then he would start fingering yo mama's... cookie mix cos she was half way through making it then yo mama would then spread out her... baking paper to continue making her cookies. And thats how you make cookies. Wait the question was about babies wasn't it? Oh in that case they have hardcore sex.

:bulletblue:Erihppas asks:
How did you get your answers? Did you really know the answers, or did you use Google, or did you make them up? 8D

LOL, a bit of everything. I have nothing but my genius to declare.

:bulletred:eatpraylove asks:
What can you tell me about outdoor classrooms and their therapeutic value?

Outdoor classrooms allows you to share you classroom space with insects of all sorts, it educates flies and spiders and butterflies and ants. So eventually the intelligence level of the insects would level up. And thats a great thing when all species becomes smarter and stuff.

:bulletblue:MasterSaruwatari asks:
What is your favorite video game?

I guess Mario Party, its a game that I keep coming back to with friends. Also your school is asking the right exam questions, I like your school.

:bulletred:DistantMemoir asks:
May you please explain...the entirety....of modern physics? O n O

Strong against Fighting and Poison, Weak against Bug Dark and Ghost type. Its modern cos before Gen II it was only weak to Bug type. Something tells me I might've read the question wrong...

:bulletblue:remembermeforawesome asks:
What is the secret of the universe?

Yeah so like one day God spoke to one of his angel, he says "Hey hey hey I know the secret to the universe right? hehe its a secret but Im gonna tell you, but you gota keep it a secret ok? hehe" and angel is like "I dunno man.. I don't like keeping secrets.. its a big responsibility.." and God is like "COME ON DO IT it'll be fun, Im gonna tell you anyway!" and angel is like "NO! OK IM LEAVING!" and so angel left. And God was sad and didn't attempt to tell anyone his secret :( So at the end no one found out what that secret was.

:bulletred:codebamboo asks:
Why is Hector such a badass, and why is Achilles a butt hole?
My friend and I got into an argument over who is better and her reasons for supporting Achilles is "his name sounds hot".

Archilles is a butt hole cos Brad Pitt is one.

:bulletblue:BeccaCollis asks:
What are 7 key behaviours that are essential to maintaining work ethics standards?

1) Be polite. 2) Be respectful. 3) Be understanding....  4)5)6) repeat the first 3 steps cos the more the better

:bulletred:Dingo-Sniper asks:
Is there anyway I can dry my hair faster so I can return to drawing without the fear of water falling off my hair and hitting the paper? (I am a guy XD)

Just use a towel to wrap it around your head and somehow have it stay on your head without falling off. Oh you are a guy? Then there's no way you can figure out how to do that.

:bulletblue:Golden-ButterflySky asks:
What is the recipe for Ry to be Ryceball?

A kilogram of rice, a pair of balls, a table spoon of hairdye and a top hat.

:bulletred:socksCocks asks:
How do you write a good English essay? On either a novel or movie.

Step 1) Read and write a lot.
Step 2) Repeat step 1

:bulletblue:LOLlyACE asks:
Do you have any advice for someone starting a pokemon RP group?

First you need people in the group who are willing to play. You can advertise it to your watchers, or if you feel you are lacking watchers you can join up with a friend or someone so you can branch out and spread the news ^^

:bulletred:remembermeforawesome asks:
How do you make a proper thesis?

Sit down on the toilet bowl and push hard. Oh THESIS!? Um Im not sure just write a lot..?

:bulletblue:DatRyPlz asks:
You're a PokeExpert, right? Do Pokemon lay eggs? No one seems to have the answer, not even the daycare people :nuu:

Yeahhhh of cos they do @@" Then you carry that egg on your bicycle up and down the hill for hours. I think you are trying to ask HOW do Pokemon lay eggs right? Cos no one has seen a Pokemon lay eggs apparently, yeah I read about that too. No one bothered to set up a camera anything apparently.

:bulletred:HakiSOul asks:
You really a principal? Which school's? :D

The school of Ryceballs

:bulletblue:Cherichu asks:
Do you believe in aliens? (I do)

There's really no reason why there can't be aliens. I do think its possible :D

:bulletred:oishiipuddii asks:
If a person owns a piece of land, do they own it all the way down to the center of the earth?

Very good question. And yeah technically yes, But never go past the center of the earth because the other side belongs to some other people. It would be awkward when you keep digging and digging and then you end up in someone's house.

:bulletblue:Demon-Tetra asks:
What came first, the Pidgeotto or the egg?

Whatever the answer is, its definately not Pidgeotto, it would be a Pidgey. But the real question is.. what came before Arceus.

:bulletred:NiKazt asks:
How much money can you make in artist alley, and how much does it cost to get an artist alley on a con?

Gosh its different for every cons.... roughtly $150-$300

:bulletblue:Tri-Edge-64 asks:
How many hues does it take to huehuehue?


:bulletred:Klocwurk asks:
Why five toes? We all know the pinky toe is nothing but a freeloader with no purpose beyond looking (for some people) like the Hunchback of Notre-Dame. So why?

OH THE PINKY IS VERY IMPORTANT! Its for balance. It also makes a cute addition to the toes team. Every successful team needs a comedic relief.

:bulletblue:SilverAuraTiffany asks:
what are the ethical issues concerning organ donation? and how would you write a thesis statement on this topic? ;D

Yeah this is always a problem. Like that case with a western blind man going for surgery, the surgeons gave him a pair of eyes that once belonged to a japanese girl. Now the western guy says everything he sees turns into anime. Including subtitles.

:bulletred:Shacchan asks:
Well, the cannonballs are coming, so... what do we do?

Fight it like a man, show them who has the bigger balls.

:bulletblue:periodsucksmyballs asks:
How do you print your art?

I redraw every artwork I have to make it exactly like the original one. Nah not really. I use the machine

:bulletred:ValentineIllusion asks:
Why is a raven like a writing desk? I have no idea :cries:

Well first you gota see this like a maths question, and you can cancel out the common letter in both Raven and Writing Desk, so
making it AV=WITIGDSK
Now AV can also mean Adult Video, while WITIGDSK can be interpreted as "Worldwide Interracial Teens In Group Doggy Style Kink". Therefore making this equation very true.
So if AV=Worldwide Interracial Teens In Group Doggy Style Kink
Then Raven=Writing Desk
Therefore Raven is very much like a Writing Desk.

:bulletblue:sparrowcrazy asks:
Describe the development of civilisations of under the bronze-iron age.

Well it all began when Tony Stark was captured by terrorist. He was forced to make weapons for the terrorists with the help of Yinsen. But secretly Tony Stark used the Iron and Bronze to make himself an iron suit instead. He fought the terrorist and escaped, he decides to improve on the suit and eventually developed a very powerful suit that can fly and fire missiles! He went on to call himself Ironman.

:bulletred:PolarStar asks:
How can I get a shiny Pokemon? :iconimspeechlessplz:

By being extremely lucky, or quit school so you can spend months soft resetting your gameboy

:bulletblue:The-Pokita asks:
When will people get sent to Mars?

LOL very soon actually. This is no joke but there's gonna be a reality TV show which sends people to live on Mars. Its a one way ticket as well. so like these people are willing to give up EVERYTHING on earth from entertainment to surfing to family to friend to trees or to just.. people in general. Its pretty crazy but yeah there are people willing to do it! And they will be the first to land on mars. So yeah definately within our lifetime.

:bulletred:jordy-pordy asks:
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

A lot

:bulletblue:Maga-Link asks:
What do you think about the new pope?

He doesn't look like Lord Sidious, I'm not sure if I can trust him :I

:bulletred:CountChristoph asks:
How do you emblem Fire at somebody?

I dunno, is this an euphemism?

:bulletblue:uchuubranko asks:
What is the probability of humans cracking up the moon with some failed experiment?

0%, the moon has no emotions

:bulletred:CamerFlogen12 asks:
what happened on d-day

Ryan's Private got shaved

:bulletblue:Shpuggy asks:
Why does Hollywood love sequels?


:bulletred:izfish asks:
How can I vote in 2016 when I'm 17? Also, what should I do to prepare for being President in 2036?

I take it you ain't allowed to vote till you are 18? Then yeah sorry no can do. To prepare for being President, you should probably wanna get a place in the Government first. Oh and also get people's liking would help too, start giving out cookies to your neighbours now.

:bulletblue:kakashi-narutorules asks:
Who is the CEO of dA? Annd....  Why am I still alive? O_o

spyed is the CEO. You are still alive because its not your time yet! Lucky!

:bulletred:FlameAnoch asks:
So physics homework time :D if a car drives 5 km in 5 min what is the velocity of the car ?

0, because the car got pulled over by the cops.

:bulletblue:Luigifangirl212 asks:
Why is Luigi so adorable? X3

Cos of his awkward jumping angle and slippery shoes.

:bulletred:LovelyLittleSin asks:
When did we get married? :O_o: WHY DON'T I REMEMBER THIS?! DID YOU DRUG MEEEE?

Im disappointed you do not remember this. Very disappointed.

:bulletblue:whitestarflower asks:
What do you think Earth will be like in 500 years time? What will be the future of the human race?

In 500 years time, to be honest I think besides from the technology being so advance, the human race will still be the same, some will wanna start war, some will want peace. I mean we have been doing this for so many years, whats stopping us from continuing this life style? :D

:bulletred:hyenacub asks:
When and how will I die?

Oh you won't ever die, never ever

:bulletblue:ZARAo-o asks:
Whats your Chinese zodiac Ry?

Im a Ryger

:bulletred:C0CHI asks:
have you ever pictured yourself with a family, kids and stuff master ry?

Sometimes, the thought of it sometimes makes me happy and sometimes freak me right the F out. Cos sometimes having people around me makes me feel happy ^^ But sometimes having people around me makes me really really really really depressed and wanna flip many tables and scream really loudly at the top of my lungs while punching walls out of furious anger! My kids might get freaked out 'Why is daddy like Jekyll & Hyde? :'U"

:bulletblue:shagne asks:
Wow so many questions... So, what's the legend with these colored bullets? xD Or are they just random?

What are these colored bullets you are referring to? Is this a military thing? Is the government trying to make wars more colorful?

:bulletred:Eventua asks:
What's the best kind of dancing?!

My favourite kind of dancing is the 'Sitting on the bench sipping drinks awkwardly while watching friends dance on the dancefloor' :D

:bulletblue:EmilianoHC asks:
Which are your thoughts about Chuck Norris?

When Chuck Norris does push-ups, he doesn't push himself up, he pushes the earth down.

:bulletred:AquaDewRose asks:
If my pillow is covered in a butterfly pattern, does this mean the butterflies will someday awaken and eat me alive?

Yes that is true. Thats why I bought of pillow covered with pies patterns. So when they try to eat me I could do the same thing to them.

:bulletblue:Rainbow-Marbles asks:
What is the texture of an Axolotl's skin?

My ex gf actually had one of those! Amazing creatures! I never touched it though, but I was staring at it for so long! I wish I have touched it and told you the answer. argh

:bulletred:Komal08731 asks:
What's your favorite color?

It changes often, at the moment its menstrual cycle red.

:bulletblue:Melopsittacus asks:
So I have this History project about Gorbachev... What do you know about him?

There's a small island in the Siberian coast that shape exactly like Gorbachev's birthmark on his forehead.

:bulletred:Eternal--Art asks:
Have you ever watched the miracle of life in science class? (the end is terrifying) O.O

I don't gain my scientific knowledge from watching videos. I come up with scientific knowledge

:bulletblue:TheGhost2 asks:
I've recently developed a fear of giant stupid naked people with no genitalia. Every night I wake up in a cold sweat thinking they're gonna reach through my window and chomp me in half. Can you help me get a good night's sleep, Ry?

You have been watching Attack on Titan haven't you? What you need is a cuddle when sleeping. I CAN offer by body, but it'll cost you money. I charge by hour. Thank you

:bulletred:WorldFruitTree asks:
How did the joint operation of the Australian navy and the US navy contribute to the victory at the Battle of the Coral Sea in WWII?

It was lucky that they got along and didn't suffer too much miscommunication. Cos you know in Australia we call 'Flip Flops' as 'Thongs'? While the Americans call the G-String as thongs? So this is what happened in WWII, the American told the Australian "Hey dude if you look over there you can see that hot chick's thong." and the Australian goes "Why do you wanna see a thong for?" and the American says "Nah man look, when she bends over, you can see a thong sticking out at the back of her jeans" and the Australian says "What is she doing with thongs sticking out at the back of her jeans?!". And the American looks confused and asked "What do you know about thongs?" and the Australian says "Thongs? I wear them. My mum wears them, my dad wears them. Sometimes if I'm cold I put a sock on before putting the thong over it mate!".
Anyway the Australian and the American finally figured out that they have a different meaning to the word Thong, it was all just a silly misunderstanding. After thats cleared up, they fought the Japanese and won the battle of the Coral Sea in WWII

:bulletblue:32692010 asks:
Is there a specific thought process you go through when drawing to add in a background after your subject is drawn, or do you tend to come up with the background and subject at the same time when inspired?

Very good question. I always draw the background with the characters, as I find that everything shapes and fits better when you draw it at the same time. Including the perspective, the shading, the coloring and even minor things like the stroke size of the pen. I also like my characters interacting with the background or objects around them, not just touching them but maybe the characters are looking at a painting on a wall for example. Hope this is helpful.

:bulletred:EllieMcDoodler asks:
If if three witches watched three watches, which witch would watch which watch?

Wait what which who wat where witch whoop whoop what wat? *EXPLODES*

:bulletblue:animaloversammy asks:
Is there ever going to be a quest in Pokemon Rainbow where I can catch a damn Shaymin? Seriously Ry, go play explorers of Sky. There is a whole freaking village of shaymin.

This is very odd cos just yesterday me and an admin had a discussion about legendary in Rainbow Region, and we talked about Shaymin. We really are considering.. somthing. You will see!

:bulletred:Maga-Link asks:
I'm getting married on november and we are going BIG on GEEK O u O triforce shaped cake, Zelda main theme instead of the wedding march, lotr music for ambience, fireworks with the 1812 overture like in V for Vendetta, Mario hats and V masks with light sables for guest to have fun at the party aaaaaaaaand a dress with the triforce on it; how would YOU go geek on your wedding? Any suggestion?

Congratulations on your marriage! It sounds like a fun party, my kinda party. Hmmmmm for my big fat geek wedding I would probably have something very Pokemon themed. When we are walking down the aisle the Pokemon Route 1 song would be playing, the wedding minister can dress up like a professor. Everybody who turns up at the wedding has to dress up as a different Pokemon. And we'll have jelly donuts for lunch.

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen:IT IS CURRENTLY POKEMON MONTH 2:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

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  • Playing: Batguuurrrl in Injustice Gods Among Us
  • Drinking: Malibu and pineapple
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NicoleTheKiller Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
What does the fox say?
ripley4O77 Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When will I get my soul back? :iconcuriosityplz:
Miya902 Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
This journal was quite entertaining. =D Lots of good laughs.
Darkheart-Vampire Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013
Is it always Pokemon month 2? :pokeball:
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
i'll change.. one day
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
:bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletgreen::iconsparklesplz:ATTENTION: I HAVE STOPPED TAKING QUESTIONS. I HOPE I HAVE HELPED YOU ALL WITH YOUR HOMEWORK. TILL NEXT TIME PEOPLE!:iconsparklesplz::bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:
izfish Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
FeNovak-two-point-oh Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you could choose how you would die, what death would you want?
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
sorry i stopped taking questions
FeNovak-two-point-oh Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn :S but hey! at least you replied XD
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