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My High School Teachers Sucked

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 25, 2013, 12:17 AM

Thats what I get for not getting into selective school, now the more I think about it, the more I realise that my teachers back in High School really sucked at their jobs. From a mature point of view now I can understand why certain teachers did certain stuff etc, whether its trying to teach a class of bad student or simply taking a day off to do whatever. Lets start with my maths teacher shall we?

Maths teacher: I was never good at maths, I'm an Asian fraud. All I remember learning is Sine, Cosine and Tangent. What were they? I have no idea, I just remembered they were somehow important. Yet I have never used it before afterwards, how weird right? So our class was pretty bad, it was a bad class in a bad school with a bad teacher, how bad? My Teacher used to teach a little bit then says he needs to get something from the office and then never come back. He did that so many times! I think he just went for a nap or something. He didn't wanna teach us, he knew we didn't wanna learn so he didn't bother.

English Teacher: One year we had a new english teacher, he looked like an old hippie who smoked too much weed back in his day. He was all pale and slow and looked tired all the time. We had him for like the first two lessons before he disappeared, we had different substitute teachers for like the rest of the year. I think he came back to teach one more lesson in the middle of the year then completely gone again. I also remember hearing he smoked a lot, some say he died of lung cancer and some say he got hit by a bus. We will never know what happened to him.

Another English Teacher: This teacher we all liked very much, because he may be one lazy ass guy but at least he didn't just disappear without saying goodbye. This one would pop on a video before he leaves, he says the best way to learn english is to watch a movie. And you know what? I agree! I have learnt so much english from movies compared with reading those boring books, everytime I pick up a book without pictures I get a massive headache... So yeah that year with the English Teacher we must've watched over 30 films just from the classes. The question is.. was he a good teacher or a bad teacher? Hmmm

Science Teacher: We had an indian teacher called Mr Kuma for science, we couldn't understand his english at all. It was both his heavy indian accent as well as using the wrong words all the time. One time he was meant to say 'Chemical Reaction' but he said 'Chemical Erection'. Its like come on dude! At least get us a teacher who can speak english!

Hence I did bad in school... well it was mostly my lack of interest. I was just more interested at talking with friends and playing Pokemon in class or drawing in my homework. I did do pretty good in maths one year though, it was when we had Ms Johanson, because she would wear a low top every class, so everytime we asked her a question she would come around and teach us while bending over revealing her big cleavage. so naturally... us 14 years old boys had lots of questions. I remember my friend Stanley would even stand up to get the best view. I think this is a tip for all female teachers trying to get motivation out of the class, just wear a low top and downblouse to teach. Yup. Ry-Spirit cares.

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aka-daifuku Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hahaha lol. Shoulda come to my one. It's awesome (mostly) x'D Friend went to France and she came back and she was like 'they're so teacher-y'

And anyway I'm doing badly in school... >.>
But unfortunately I'm not talented like you Ry~ >3<"
SakuraNights Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I loved just about all of my teachers. There's just one or two that I actually remember not liking. My second grade teacher, for example. I remember once it was reading time, and I guess you weren't supposed to get up or something, but I had finished reading my book and saw on the back cover some of the books we had in the classroom (I was easily amused as a kid). I got up and showed it to the teacher, saying something like "Look, we have these books, too!" and in response, she shouted at me to change my card to yellow (you all know the green-yellow-red behavior system, right?) and sit down. She literally shouted at me so loud, it echoed off the walls and everyone in class just stared at me. I obeyed and cried silently at my desk, it was the first time I'd ever been humiliated in front of my class, and I was so ashamed I didn't talk to anyone for the rest of the day.

Another time, I was sitting on the ledge of the classroom (the classroom was a portable classroom, so it had a ramp that you could sit on) in line with my class while we once again waited for our teacher to let us into the classroom (she was at the school office, I think, on her way back), and one kid saw me and said he was going to tell the teacher on me (rat, he was a worse kid than I was). I decided to accept my punishment and just wait for her to come back. She told me I'd have detention the next day. Simple, right? The next day at lunch, I had to walk with her, as she was going to take me to the classroom where I'd be staying until lunch was over. Suddenly, she made me stop and said "Don't move from this spot. I'll be watching you." and then walked down the grassfield and began chatting with another teacher. I just stood there like an idiot the entire lunch period! I remember some younger students came over to me with a jump rope and asked if I wanted to play with them because I looked lonely. I lied and said I was fine because I didn't want to leave and get in trouble. After the lunch bell rang, she rejoined me and we went back to class.

Come on, I was in SECOND grade, I was like, 7! Some of my friends who were in her class with me said they liked her because she let them chew gum in class or something, I don't really know. I even told my mom once that I didn't want to be in her class anymore. My mom always went to talk to her about what was going on, and why did I want to leave, and, naturally, the teacher was so sweet to my parents and told them how much she liked me and thought I was a good girl and she didn't know why I wanted to leave either. I only remember a few times she was actually nice to me, but it was until just last year that I actually told my mom all of this, and she was furious to hear how she had treated me. After second grade, I didn't see that teacher anymore, she probably moved, but I'm glad- she was such a grumpy old lady.

Normally, I don't speak or write about people this way, but I think my reasons are completely justified.
BlazingStarO Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013   Digital Artist
I guess I can say that I'm lucky; I've been home-schooled my entire life. .3. Therefore, I didn't have any teachers. Although, I've been bouncing around different programs lately, some of them involving teachers. I started High School with one of those programs. My last math teacher... UGH, I still can't get her annoying, pseudo-southern accent out of my head. Every time she was doing a part of a problem that involved subtraction, she'd chant, "Subtracting is adding the opposite!". OY! And my current math teacher.... I swear, she's out to get me. :stare: She lurks nearby me when she's in class... *shudder*
(I go to a hybrid school, where all off my curriculum is online, and I only come "in class" once a week on a specified day and time. Complicated, no?)
Seriously, what's with the mathematicians and hating me? :noes:
MegaRezfan Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I did okay for where i live, but looking back i depise most of my teachers now.
TheEbilBunni Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013
I remember during my high school freshman year the school disciplinary got hit by a bus. First of all I would like to say she was probably the worst disciplinarian ever. In our school we weren't allowed to wear low-cut tops, anything the reveals above the knees, and anything the exposed the shoulders. But this lady would come in a miniskirt and tight tops with a lot of the buttons undone, so most students thought whats the point of following the rules if you don't even follow them. Shouldn't the teachers have an even stricter dress code than the students, though I admit the dress code wasn't very strict. And there was a bunch of other little things she would bitch at students for that none of the other disciplinary cared about. So while she was gone in the hospital we had free reign at school.

I also had a disappearing teacher too. I think she was my Spanish teacher but she was pretty cool. Her class wasn't bad either. But sometime in the middle of the school year she just vanished and nobody knew where she went. And then we had a million substitutes after that.

And my last teacher story. I had a pre-calc teacher who wasn't even a math teacher. He was a science teacher. I know this because he told our class, he didn't even have a pre-calc degree or whatever degree you need to teach precalc.
Lakikana Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My precalc/calc teacher in highschool was SO BAD. I realize now that I've taken calc 1&3 in college that she just wasn't that good at math herself xDD
EquidnaRojo Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My art teacher was a sweetheart, but her classes were terrible. All we did was sit and draw with very little direction. She was an amazing artist in her own right, but try as she did, she just couldn't teach. I feel bad I usually turned in fan art (probably to same proportions as my gallery has it) but I always experimented, and learned more from observing her and other students who were particularly talented work.

My math classes were always boring XD; I was the most advanced kid in my classes until I hit third grade... I was doing high school work by then, but teachers refused to put me in an advanced class or even give me extra work to do. I lost interest and never quite learned my multiplication tables right. I'm slowly learning them now, but I always had problems with easy math questions... It baffled teachers in high school because I could always figure out the most difficult test questions, but usually missed the easiest ones. The whole "not wanting to move a student to an advanced class" issue was a running theme in every school I attended. Sadly, Art class was the only one where the teacher actually gave enough of a damn to try and assign projects on par with a persons skill level. She may have been bad at teaching, but she put in a lot of effort. Can't fault her for that, but I do see the truth in the saying "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach." Not all teachers fall into that, but I've seen some pretty good examples. XD

All but one of m English teachers were terrible, though. I remember getting all the high school teachers into a very heated debate once when I was in sixth grade XDD It was all about the use of a comma before "and" (example: blank, blankity, blankie, and blankadoodledoo) Their debate ended in a stalemate, so I continue to use the comma before 'and'. I understood both sides of the argument, though... it was all a matter of personal preference but wasn't wrong either way. To this day and as much studying as I've done on writing, I've seen nothing to the contrary.
eatorbeaten Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My math teacher and french teacher are terrible.

The math teacher isn't so bad personality wise but she's a horrible teacher who can't explain any math concept if her life depended on it. Her explaining would get me confused on math stuff I already knew. Plus, she can't control the class and she's really emotional; it kind of makes me feel bad for her since you can literally see her on the brink of tears. I don't think she was meant to be a teacher. I'm an asian fraud too, just terrible at math. And who came up with the idea of combining letters with numbers?

My french teacher is just downright awful. She abuses her dog and I think she hates kids... She also verbally abuses everyone and saying stuff like "I hate your guts and I never want to see you again." What freaks me out the most is her personality shift: she can be screaming at us one minute and then doing this creepy attempt at smiling like nothing happened. She keeps telling us how we'd thank her later when we speak fluent french but I don't think that's going to happen. I swear, the entire hour and fifteenish minutes of class, I'm staring at the clock. Everyone basically stopped trying.

Still, it doesn't sound as bad as your teachers. And the rest of my teachers are pretty cool. :D
narutokunobessed Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student General Artist
I think my high school does not do a Good job of hiring sometimes but half of the teachers we got. They have changed their teachers several times also.

My 1st ASL teacher, she was darn right crazy. She was short, does not know personal space, and after she yells, she returns to try and smile but its creepy how she does it. She knew ASL, but she does not know how to teach older kids. My Dad also tried to talk to her, but she has like this inside psychology, he couldn't reason or help her. I was so afraid of that class. But after her, the other ASL teacher was ok. She was awesome.

During my years of high school, we never had a consistent teacher who stayed, but I enjoyed those teacher. And after I leave, they finally got a teacher. We also never had a consistent Civic/Economics teacher. My class, so happen to get not the best one. All he did was hand out worksheet and he did teach but it was boring. He also encouraged bad behavior sometimes, even though I felt he was joking.

Everyone else I had was pretty much fine. I enjoyed some of my english classes, and sometimes math classes. Sometimes I enjoyed bible classes, (yes its a christian school). Their drama department is amazing, and sometimes the events are really good.
Parastatic Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student Filmographer
Gughh at least you didn't have my shitty counselor who thought I was a typical high school prep.
She tried convincing me that I wanted to be in cosmetics or things of that sort after I told her I wanted to be in 3D Animation.
Her exact words:
"I just don't think that would be cut out for you. No, I KNOW you wouldn't like it."

I took my damn 3D Animation class and loved the hell out of it xD

That woman ruined my high school plan lol I would have graduated 2 years early with 26 out of 21 credits. Dx
Neekle Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I currently have a Romanian math teacher and NO ONE understands him, but he's been around for so long. I'm an asian fraud too, because maths suck, hah ahh...Anyway, we always get off topic in that class because he likes to talk about military things, computers, engineering, and bombs for some reason. And one time this girl just straight up asked him if he was a terrorist.

It was a bad time for everyone :"D
MrCoolDD Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I had an algebra teacher who practically wanted his students to fail.
Star-Gamer Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
What annoys me is that at school, college and now university, if you need to talk to a lecturer, good luck in trying to find them. Or getting information from anybody without being passed from pillar to post. :shakefist: Most of my teachers have been fairly good though the best one was our physics teacher in Years 10 and 11. He had a great sense of humour and he was also my form teacher in Year 11. Good times, good times. :)
CHOBI-PHO Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Professional
On another less sexual note, I've always to learn Japanese since I watched alot of anime when
I was little (to now). When I heard I got to learn Jap at my school I was so thrilled! But my teacher,
or my classmates you could say, were shit. Teacher could KINDA teach, but his ability to control the
class was sad. I think he tried disciplining us (not me) more than actually teaching us jap that year :(
After that year I didn't bother learning Jap anymore because the Jap teachers there all sucked at teaching..
*Sighs. Hope my friends don't make these mistakes since they wanna become teachers in the future too.
CHOBI-PHO Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Professional
Actually i think that's quite true!!! I had a pretty hot blonde teacher which all the girls
bagged her of being a sleazy!...But, being boys we loved her very much!
Not only was she smoking hot, but she was really fun and nice too! Perfect english and all!
My friend made ("made") me sit next to him in the middle of the classroom so we could get a
good view of her legs and whatever inbetween whenever we could :D She'd also frequently
wear tank tops/singlets and short skirts to school in the summer!!! She WAS, strict although at
times, but besides just that, she was pretty perfect a teacher...Everyone in the class did pretty
well throughout the year and in the exams!!! No cheating required! :D
Good times~~~ Good times~~~
PixelPandaa Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Low top ftw!
Erica-Roy Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013
I've always gotten along with my teachers throughout school(too much of a goodie-two-shoes and teacher's pet). But I remember this one teacher who probably really hated me.
I was in grade four and my teacher was an old lady who had white hair and yelled. I think that I had a really bad bladder problem or something, because I needed to go toilet for almost every two hours or so. She hated me asking for permission to go do my business and always wore a scowl when I did; which in turn made me scared of her and made me (try to) hold it in.

She made me go down to the lowest maths group in the class when I made one mistake. (I was in the average group before that and before that the highest.)

She gave me detention for calling a kid stupid for both lunchtimes. She wouldn't even let me go toilet then! In the lunchbreaks, when you're supposed to go! If I was the teacher I would have let them off on a warning instead of an all day detention. I would have given them a detention if the student had sworn really badly.

She wrote complaints about me (as well as my toilet behavior) in my report cards. I didn't like her at all.

But that aside! I get along very well with my teachers. I'm very happy with the teachers I have now.
yujiei Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
i remember when i was in high school, my classmates bribed my science teacher (and she indian) with food to decrease the homework level.
Why-did-Kenji-die Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I had a teacher with anger issues... one time I spat tea on him from my mouth. and one time he threw a desk across the room. He lifted it above his head and just chucked it, luckily no students were sitting in that desk... i talked every day in his class and every day he made me pick up trash
C0CHI Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I was never good at maths, I'm an Asian fraud. lol!!!! you are so funny ry
TheonknownKLAW Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Filmographer
That reminds me of how my maths teacher and physics teachers just... disappeared one day (This was in my crap dictatorial/tyrannical school) physics teacher never came back after the semester break and the maths teacher.. well he just left one day, like middle of class he gets up and leaves.. never came back.. not that it mattered 'cause A Level maths swiftly became more about letters and proving shit rather than solving shit.. to which i call bullshit!
m-kins Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'll remember that hint the next time i teach a class of routy boys :3
richardtorres21 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
hahahaha XD man, that reminds me of sex ed last year, when we were discussing crabs and other std's "oh no i think i have rock lobsters!" and that class, noone took seriously. but my math teacher, studied at yale to become a rocket scientist and now she is teaching highschool math and NOONE understands a word she fucking says! in our school they pick the SMARTEST teachers, but id rather have a teacher that makes a class seem interesting and make you want to learn and be able to teach you correctly, rather then the smartest teacher who is boring and dull, and speaks in a way too mature format for our tiny brains to handle. but i too am HORRIBLE with math, i got an F last semester.... but oh well. our science teacher tho! he is like
its like being in a classfull of students and the teacher is gone is how cool he is, and he actually is a GREAT teacher! and he actually is by far the smartest human being i have ever met.
Fushica Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I' sorry. I didn't know teachers that lazy could actually get hired.
chiisai-saruchan Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
My worst teachers were in math and science.

My math teacher was my pre-algebra teacher. She'd put up an overhead for you to copy and while you were copying she'd start telling the class stories of her life, and I'll admit that I seriously didn't get better than a D in that class and it's not like I didn't try to pay attention either... I guess it just isn't my way of learning or what cuz in my math class last year, Algebra, I got a B and my teacher even had a slightly heavy accent.

My science teacher was like your math teacher. At the beginning of the year was fine but as the year went on it got progressively worse. He had no control of his students and he'd teach less and less in class. Even so, I'd try to help him out where I could and I think that resulted in me getting teased by some of my not-so-friendly classmates... Not to mention the teacher couldn't do anything about this teasing OR the fact that they CHEATED ON TESTS... QUITE OBVIOUSLY... I recall literally hearing them talking, in class, about how they cheated on their tests. Needless to say my grades also suffered because he wasn't teaching as much in class too (I tend to learn more by paying attention in class than outside studying). Well... teacher liked me but I was more than happy when the school year ended.
ZarinStar Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Gotta love those math teachers. I had one who was a bit revealing but she was pregnant and you don't want to see her mad so we couldn't peek or anything XD
theamazingwrabbit Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wow people are saying lots of stuff about their science teacher. I had a chemistry teacher who. was short and Asian, her name was Ngai (like the asian version of Nye? like the science guy!)

She would put on the San Diego zoo's "panda cam" and watch the pandas during class... and then one time she even accidentally burnt a test with her candles in class (thats probably why we're not allowed candles in class... >.>) She also would play with the gas/ bunsen burner and blow up gas-filled balloons and electrocute gummy bears... just for fun!!! On top of all that she lost my homework at times and made me re-do it =^="
Ahh she wasnt very good at teaching I dont think...
Rutana Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Writer
Math and Physics Teacher:
Our Math and Physics Teacher also was our Class Teacher AND a guardian of the boarding school that was combined with our school (you didn't had to live there to go to school, thankfully). So everytime he entered class, he spent half an hour talking and joking around, especially with the boys of the boarding school, and used the last 15 min to do all the homework with us - again - and then gave us the next 1-2 pages to do as homework.
In other words: we worked through ALL math problems in the book, but only at home. We had to teach us the stuff ourself!
The result? In 9th or 10th grade we still stuck around with the last copied pages of the 7th grade, and had a very pissed, very stressed teacher about it, claiming "you're too slow!"
We also had a side-class called "Energy", which consisted out of one year Physics, half a year Biology and half a year Chemistry - all concentrated on Energy of course.
Since everyone was used to "teach yourself", everyone had troubles following the teacher we got for Physics, as he explained everything very well - and noone was used to listen to it anymore. ....with one exception... yeah, I don't usually like to brag, but while I had a D with the other teacher, I got an A+ here.
The sad thing about it? Before we got that stupid teacher, my dream was to study mathematics and physics later on. I gave up this dream after one year of his teachings, allthough both topics are still very interesting for me...

Oh my god, our Latin Teacher.... >.<
First year of Latin, he spent time with us, joked around, and when we asked the right questions, he got stuck daydreaming and telling us all the "great" stories of either his childhood or ancient rome (not really my favorite part of worldwide history, but oh well). It was fun, we learned a lot, it was really great.
2nd year? He expected us to know Latin as if we were Professors. The whole class dropped at least 1-2 grades, we had struggles to come along. Honestly, I got so lazy and unmotivated and frustrated with his teachings, that I refused to learn ANYTHING new. Since we had a lecture to go through that was also aviabled as a translated transcript, noone of us bothered to translate it anymore, too.
Nearly got an F in the last year, but since he was also the school director and knew that I intented to change schools, he gave me an E so that he don't need to bother around with me anymore (he was also annyoed because my mom fought alot against him because there was NOTHING done at the school to at least reduce the bullying, including not throwing out those students who even tried bullying the other teachers, just because they attented the boarding school and therefor brought money to the school...)
Of course he said that in front of the whole class, knowing that I didn't wanted anyone to know that I was changing schools...

These are the two worst teachers I know.
There were good ones too, though.
I have very fond memories on our art teacher, who was simply awesome, skilled, and opely gay (even though he got bullied a lot by the students for that and many didn't took him serious) - he even married his boyfriend few years after I left school. And our music teacher and our english teacher, both combined learning with having fun, a lot. Also, we had a PE teacher, that worked together with a near clinic and therefore teached us how to drive in a wheelchair, and performed wheelchair-sport with us in terms of a project, that also included to attent to the wheelchair sport IN said clinic together with the patients there. Which was awesome! He also offered this as a regular school club, too.
Natsusume Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Sometimes you just need someone to complain about how suckish their problems are to realize that yours aren't so bad. Thanks Ry. :meow:
rtrorbt Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
A lot of times it's not really the teachers fault but the actual school system. Teachers are forced into this corner in which they can't teach too fast to encourage the good students from learning new stuff since the slower students can't keep up, and they can't teach too slow for the slower students since the good students loose interest. It's like a very hard balancing game of trying to make sure the students who excel in class are still interested in the material while the students that are struggling can still keep up with the lesson. This is even worse with the whole "no kid left behind" mentality since kids that just can't keep up are pushed along into the next level class which is even harder for them to keep up which again forces the teachers to adjust their teaching plan. I'm not trying to be mean for kids that struggle in school, there were plenty of classes that I had trouble keeping up in as well, but parents need to get involved as well to see if there are any programs that can help their kids or move the kid into a class that's geared towards a slower paced learning (for example we had a normal Chemistry class in our school , the Advanced Chemistry class for the really smart kids, and then a Beginners Chemistry class which was meant for the students that were struggling in the regular Chemistry class).
megane-chan1 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
Ry selective isnt that great X) - usually the teachers think you already go tutoring so you dont need to go through it properly (well about 90% of the school does go tutoring) but ... yeh :L
My english teacher was suppose to be teaching the unit on graphic novels and basically we just read comic books for 10 weeks (well 80% of them were reading the others were playing need for speed our laptops)
hybridmink Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Looking back, even though I went to a public high school in a small town, I don't think my teachers were so bad. I mean, I kind of stopped caring about grades around this time, but the ones I did have were strict enough for the right reasons.

Hell, my art teacher even got me a book on drawing hands in my senior year. School sucked but I guess it wasn't TOO bad.
EvilZucchini Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I know that feeling all too well...

Our art teacher shoved a table into a student so he got a bruise across his entire stomach and he didn't even get reprimanded because our principal sucked and never did anything.. She did not do what was required by her -.-

I had a handicraft teacher who asked me if my vision was bad... No not at all just wear my glasses as a decoration (bitch got fired after one semester)

and a several other teachers sucked, one substitute ran got "sick" and couldn't teach us so he never came back he didn't like us

My P.E teacher was the worst since he did soo much that it caused me to stop going to his lessons and I had backing from a few teachers XD
BlueMaroon Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Filmographer
Well I am planning on becoming an art teacher in the next few years so... maybe I'll take that last titbit of advice LOL by the way, your teachers sounded awful, but the Chemical Erection part was the best haha.
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
LOL wel yeah make sure u hav a bra on. Ms Johanson always had one on so we never caught a glimps of the nip :'U which.. was what motivated us to keep asking questions.
BlueMaroon Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Filmographer
Intriguing... haha I should write a math question and how to solve it or something on my boobs, then when they look they'll pay more attention to the words then my breasts and when I walk away they'll notice they didn't get a good look so they'll have to ask more questions. Best way to teach kids that asking questions is okay haha
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
best teacher ever!
Tom-Cii Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Digital Artist
We have some incompetent teachers and others who are butts. For the most part my teachers are alright.. I remember in middel school this one teacher who got mad at a student and he kinda took him at his neck and pushed him to a wall while shouting at him.
uchuubranko Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
I had to fave this.:iconforeveraloneplz:
In my country, teachers are hilariously funny but cruel. In Elementary school, I had a teacher who slapped students like when making dough. Then we had a math teacher who was always wearing jeans with "I'm a protagonist" on her butt. That was funny :lmao:
I had a Physics teacher who resembled your English teacher :XD:. I remeber all my class coming to the front to hear what he was talking. The subject was fun though.:grump:
then after we moved...:iconmindblownplz:

I was actually struggling with a teacher that practically just wanted to get rid of students that "have the possibility or MIGHT understand french" since here we speak more french than English. But I didn't. I couldn't. :iconforeveraloneplz:
Graduating early from a welcome class did not do me good at all. Suddenly every subject became french and I died. TT ^ TT
Now I have to wait to be placed lowly in a home school-kinda program. It's true that I don't study much but but :iconeatlikehitlerplz:

lol but I'm reading some truly interesting experiences on here. :la:
fake-magical-girl Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
I mean, I'm just saying. I had two teachers have mental breakdowns and attack students, so it could be worse.
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
omg.. thats aweful
fake-magical-girl Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013
Ha. That wasn't even the worst of it. Oh the tales I could tell.
TheFartingButterfly Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My science and math teachers this year suck.

My science teacher is all over the place. We spend entire classes going over the warm up because while we're going over it she always gets so off topic. Once we had a warm up about sound waves and she she stopped and started talking about blue fire for 45 minutes of our class time. And by the time we managed to finish going over our warm up we hadn't even learned the lesson we were supposed to hear about.

And my math teacher is too busy screaming at us to teach us anything. She tends to freak out a lot, especially when a lot of us don't understand something and we ask her a question. Amd the best part is that she is always standing right in front of me when she yells so I always get spit on my face and a blown eardrum.

And from what I hear the other math teacher is just plain crazy. And before he moved to Mexico there was a math teacher who didn't even know how to teach. My friend told me he would literally say, "I don't know how to explain this, figure it out."
ZarinStar Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
lol my science teacher was a great guy but man he TALKS and tend to get off topic. We were a bit behind other classes haha. And then we would realize there's 10 minutes left of class and he would quickly finish the lesson and by the time it ended, everyone was running to the next class. But he was fun to be and I always joke around with him XD
TheFartingButterfly Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Lucky, my science teacher is really mean too. She's always insulting someone
ZarinStar Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student General Artist
My photography teacher was a bitch. Not only does she insults people, but she sucks at teaching. She just stands there and talk about 25+ "famous" photographers in one lesson and then get mad that we "don't remember". And we only get 2 or 3 lessons the entire semester. The rest was spent on photography assignments like flash and multiple exposures. At least the final exam is this monday and I don't have to deal with her anymore.
EquidnaRojo Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That sounds like my graphic design teacher from college, only substitute a hatred for pcs and change the topic of choice to major ad campaigns. For someone who did graphic design, all she could talk about was how to do it on computers, not how they used to do it with certain tools and how to get the same effects with the computer. All our graphic design classes ended up being were "This is what your book says photoshop can do. I'm going to drag a fifteen minute read out into a three hour class about it, then get mad because you don't have your work done XD; I regret paying money for the class, but not for some of the tricks I learned.
ZarinStar Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Student General Artist
What tricks did you learn?
EquidnaRojo Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How to use the pen tool and create masks. I really only use the mask for photo manipulation, but I often have people asking me to design invitations (which I don't think I'm even very good at, but people like what I do ^^; ) I use the pen tool extensively, though not in ways I learned in class or from our books. If I didn't learn the basics of using it, though, I probably wouldn't use it today.
ZarinStar Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Student General Artist
That's good :) At least it wasn't a total waste. And why are masks so important? I don't use them, or at least not aware.
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