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March 15, 2011


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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 15, 2011, 6:48 AM

CHOOSE YOUR RIVAL: Here Comes a New Challenger 1 by Ry-Spirit  Here Comes a New Challenger 2 by Ry-Spirit  Here Comes a New Challenger 3 by Ry-Spirit


New art contest and this time it is fighting related! Here's what I need you to do, download either one of the images above (Go on the images' page and click on the download button on the right for the psd file, you will get the option of using layers). Then I want you to draw your character (Yourself, or how you view yourself) on the left hand side fighting my character. You will need a few things, a big image of your character obviously, your name, your country's flag, your costume (Just write 'original' if you only have one, but if you have another entry you can put 'alternate 1' or a name for the costume if you have one) your super move's name, your winning quote, and lastly your full body character down the bottom. You can try and match the size of my character to estimate the height, Im about 170cm tall. As simple as that, the contest ends on the 1st of June (Two and a half month from this journal entry). Below is a list of rules you might wanna read.



  • You need to draw yourself, or how you view yourself. Eg Akira Toriyama the creator of Dragonball likes to draw himself as a robot, so if you see yourself as a robot then yes you can draw a robot.
  • You can choose which version of Ry to fight, you can fight the Pikachu hoodie one or the Spirit Sailor version or the Robot version (Rybot), but don't use your same character to fight both or all 3 versions, just choose one.. Unless you are having multiple entry, then you can fight the other versions of me as well.
  • You can download the psd file when you click on the download button on the right of the image. You will get the text box on a seperate layer, meaning your big character can go behind the text box. As well as the text, making it a breeze to type in the words. For more Photoshop help please visit the FAQ section.
  • No nudity or drugs, just try to keep it suitable for all ages to view.
  • Please be honest about your country.
  • No swearing or foul language in the winning quote of course. But yes you can trash talk.
  • Do not make modification to my side, so do not add scars or mustache to my character etc.
  • If you have already drawn your character before, then yes you can use that image for this contest.
  • Everyone is welcome to enter, even more than once! But how can you submit more than one image when you have to draw yourself..? Well thats what the costume section is for, you can draw yourself in different costume. If you haven't noticed already I have three versions, the Pikachu hoodie look, Spirit Sailor look and the Ry-bot look.
  • Also make sure all the text are written in capital letters, just another consistency thingy. If you are really stuck, just look at my side and compare.
  • When you submit your entry, please write on the comment section that this is for my contest. My name is Ry-Spirit if you are wondering. Nice to meet you, good day.
  • When you have completed your artwork, please note me with the link to it. Then...
  • All entries will be shown on this journal as soon as you note me about it, so the earlier you submit the longer it will stay on my journal, keep in mind people do come on this journal page to check out the entries, so meaning you will get a lot of clicks on your entry if it looks good, good publicity I'll say! BUT if you do not want people to see your entry in fear of people copying or trying to out do your character, you can save it and submit it on the due date.
  • You can easily change the text by clicking on the text with the Type Tool, if you wanna know the details, the fonts are all Ariel, you should have Ariel on your computer. The name however is bold text while the rest are just regular, the text size are... Bold Ariel at 10.26 for the name while the rest of the texts are regular Ariel at 3.42 size. I apologize for the odd choice of text size, its due to me changing the size of the image etc. Anyway. For the flag, just google it.
  • Last rule is to have fun! Be creative with your character and interesting with the winning quotes and super move name etc. Support each others' entry and make some friends in the process;) Be nice to each other.
  • Contest is due on the 1st of June


  • 1st place gets 4 of my artworks as A3 posters, one A4 Smash Brothers artwork and I will draw your character.
  • 2nd place gets 3 of my artworks as A3 posters, one A4 Smash Brothers artwork and I will draw your character.
  • 3rd place gets 2 of my artworks as A3 posters and I will draw your character. I will be happy to sign the artworks as well if you like. I will also write a small comment on the entries on my journal after the due date. All artworks gets a feature.


DUE DATE: 1st of June



My entry for RYSPIRITs contest by Marios-Tri4ce Ry Vs Svein by ArchXAngel20 :thumb201134318: I Guess I Win by NoApathy :thumb201199482: Ry Spirits Competition by Code-Blu Mizuki Vs. Ry Challange ACCEPT by Gamergal64 Contest Entry- New Challenger by Black-sania RY VS TOIIM by Toiim SEAL V.S RY by sylvia65charm Mastamune VS Ry-Spirit by mastamune Here comes a new challenger by LisaTheRaichu HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER by creatorofall BLISTER VS RY by BlisterMonster Emperor Vs Ry by Basu-zo :thumb201363948: Tophs VS Ry by Bluelava6 Contest Entry by Danii84 A NEW CHALLENGER CONTEST by MissPepperCat :thumb201702560: :thumb201713069: Svein VS RY by ArchXAngel20 :thumb201821854: Mizuki Vs. Ry Challenge ACCEPT by Gamergal64 :thumb201849319: C.H.U.C. VS Ry by LaChuc Contest Entry 2 by Danii84 Here comes a new challenger by Daniel-Velez Chibi Me VS Ry by Rappull0411 Chibi-Me Otaku VS Ry by Rappull0411 Sagikos VS Ry by SagitaMagica Challenger Contest Entry by Hala-s-Ark S.V.E.I.N by ArchXAngel20 Here Comes a New Challanger by nemesisdestrodareal1 :thumb202073651: Here Comes a New Challenger by Andy-roo78 Mii VS ry-spirit by thewhitewolf-mii here comes a new challenger by ARMYCOM Here comes a new Challenger by Luycaslima Nate vs. Ry LIVE AND LET DIE by greenate Tophs VS Ry II by Bluelava6 The Final Battle by LisaTheRaichu LAPIN V.S RY by lapin-foufou Ry-Spirit Contest by RaincloudProductions STREET FIGHTER- Contest by E-mArt123 My entry for RYSPIRITs contest by ficklieben HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER by DezzManX GO FOR BROKE by TowerOfHats Fuzz VS Ry by WoofMewMew READY...? FIGHT by Avibroso :thumb204764201: A New Challanger Approches by Bluu02 :thumb205059171: Ready? +FIGHT+ by AishaxNekox 3-2-1 FIGHT. by mangagirl050 peekabo by Marinia-Ann :thumb205076548: HERE COMES A NEW CHALLANGER by iHanaShira :thumb205124176: Challenger Contest by CorrsollaRobot :thumb205141089: Street Kombat? by TheKappaStudio :thumb205170282: Sweet Battle, Man by msrandompants Fight by Clovercard HereComesANewChallenger-G.A. by galunatic G.A. versus RY -RoundTwoFight by galunatic :thumb205241713: Challenger contest 2 by CorrsollaRobot MODEL: PSYCH PATIENT by msrandompants Hmmm by starblacks  THE LIST CONTINUES HERE, PART 2 OF THE ENTRIES: --->…<---


Frequently Asked Question

  1. I'm new to Photoshop, HELP!?    
    • OK first thing you will notice when you open the 2mb Photoshop file is that there are four layers, just find the layers box on the right hand side (If its not there, go to 'window' on the top and select 'Layers'), so why four layers only? Its to pretty much make putting your character behind the text box and text easier. You will first see the 'Name' layer on top, 'Text' layer second, 'Textbox' layer third, The rest of the image on the last layer, You will wanna put your big character behind the 'Textbox' layer. The full body tiny character all the way in the front. If you don't know how to move layers around, you simply just click on the layer and drag it up or down. So after you have completed the image, you can either merge the layers together or just simply go 'save as' and choose jpg, the layers will be merged automatically as jpg does not support layers. If you are still stuck then you better google it, there are many tutorials on Photoshop online.
  2. So... do I need to draw on the psd file...?  
    • Nope, you can start a new page and draw on that (if having a white background works better for you), BUT remember to start a new layer before you start, otherwise your drawing will be on the same layer with the white background, you don't want that as it will be troublesome to cut the character out (There are tricks to it but I would recommend you starting a new layer first). But if you still need help with Photoshop, just google it. There are lots of tutorials out there. After you have completed the character on the new page, copy and paste that character onto my psd file and you got it!
  3. I don't even have Photoshop... I have Windows Paint...    
    • Well well well... its cool, it just means you can't use layers. But thats fine, just instead of downloading the psd file, you save the image as a jpg file, you will then need to manually be very careful with what you do as there are no layers, once you draw on it its permanent. For the font, the name is a bold Ariel at 10.26, the other texts are regular Ariel at 3.42. I would highly recommend Photoshop... Also if you are using GIMP, i realise you cannot edit the text, well I guess just delete it and type new ones.  
  4. Can I draw my original characters?  
    • Depends on what you mean, if it is a character you made up that is not you then no, this is a contest to draw yourself, or how you view yourself, like if you see yourself as a robot, then yes you can draw a robot, if you see yourself as a bit of a cowboy, you can draw a cowboy. However if you REALLY REALLY wanna draw your original character, then maybe you can draw yourself wearing your original character's outfit. Kind of like cosplay! Just make sure in the name area you put your name, and your country.
  5. Do I need to use your style?  
    • NOPE! Your big character can be vector or traditional or sketchy, but of course if it looks like the art style of my character then it will look a little more consistent, but if you are good at what you do, then I'm sure you will be fine. The little character down below however, I have chosen a more simpler cel-shaded style simply because the character is really small and can't see any details. And having less details seems to look more like a 2D fighting game character.. dunno, you don't have to if you don't wanna.
  6. Am I allowed to change the layout of the file you gave to us? Or add more options for words down the bottom like character description?   
    • Nah keep the layout, Write only your name, flag, costume, super move and winning quote. You can write the character's description on your artist comment when you upload it. I will be interested to read them!
  7. How will the winner be chosen?   
    • I will be choosing it, base on creativity, effort, design, pose, originality and even humour. Have a think about what makes a character interesting.
  8. Can my character hold weapons?   
    • Yes, swords, guns, axe, giant keys, pens, ninja stars, hammer, Bazookas, baseball bats are all welcome. It would be cool if the weapon can relate to you somehow, maybe a teddy bear you like as a child, or a light saber because you are a Star Wars fan. Be creative.
  9. Can my character have pets around them?   
    • ONLY if it makes sense. I don't mind if your character ride on a giant dog, but why? Maybe you have a dog that supports you when you are depressed. Or you character has a few ghost around them, but why? Because your motivation comes from those who supported you but are no longer alive. Or maybe your character has a giant stuff toy that moves, why? Because the stuff toy has never left you and has there for you when you need it. Do you see what I mean? Also another thing is.. you can have yourself as a Pokemon trainer because thats how you view yourself, and you can draw Pokemon around you, but will that be original? It is someone else's design after all. Have a think about it.
  10. Why do I need to include my country?   
    • Well... I like Street Fighter haha. And they always have a nationality for each fighter. And I wanna see where people live and stuff too.
  11. Should I upload my pic early or late?   
    • It really depends, you get a lot attention if you upload early because people will keep coming to the page to view it, but you have the danger of people trying to beat your character by doing something better. If you have the time you can upload one version, then near the due date you upload another version.
  12. Whats the costume deal about?   
    • Since you can only post your own character, I have given the costume option so your character can have a different version. Maybe the character can have sunglasses for one version, then another version have him without sunglasses. Or one with a regular guy and another version with him as a half cyborg. If you really really dislike how you look in general for whatever reason, you can maybe give a mask to cover the face. Just remember whatever you do, its better to have a reason. I'll give you my reason for my outfits for example, the pikachu hoodie is an actual hoodie my girlfriend made for me a few years back because I am a big Pikachu fan, the sailor suit is also another piece of clothing I have in real life, along with the blur hair. What I don't have however is pale skin and the red blush, but I included it because I want my character to look like a chinese vampire ghost kinda deal, it will also explain why my username has the word spirit in it... kinda.
  13. For the name.. do I need to put my Username or real name?    
    • Up to you, some people has nice username. But I understand some people have names like funnyguy1976, if you do not like your username then just put your name up there, or your nickname! Do you have a nickname at school? Me for example, my real name is Ryan while my username is ry-spirit, I don't wanna put either so I put my nickname Ry.
  14. Super Move...?   
    • What is that one killer move you will use to defeat your opponent? Its really up to you, its just a name. But make it sound epic and powerful. Or funny. Or thought provoking.
  15. Winning Quotes...?   
    • What will you say when you defeat your opponent? You can be cocky, apologetic, humorous, sympathetic, smart, dumb, anything.. If you are really stuck, take a look at the winning quotes from Street Fighter characters.
  16. Should I fight your Pikachu version or Sailor version or Robot version??   
    • Totally up to you, which one do you wanna beat up?
  17. So after this contest... what should I do about my character?   
    • SAVE IT! Do not delete, I might do something with all the nice entries. It will be a surprise;)
    • You don't need to find it, if you have downloaded the psd file, then all you need to do is select the Font Tool and click on the words, then change it. If you wanna know the details, its Ariel bold 10.26 size for the name, the rest of the text are Ariel regular 3.42 size, the spacing and height etc are all on default. I apologize for the odd choice of text size... Its due to me changing the file size and messing around to make it look right. Sorry.
  19. Does my character pose has to be like yours?   
    • Nope, just any fighting pose will do. Maybe your character is a zombie kinda person, so your character will probably have both arms dangling down and mouth open. Maybe your character is very confident, so will have the head tilted up with a smirk on the face. If your character is shy, you can have the hand covering the mouth and the shoulder lifted up or something. Try and incorporate your personality into the pose. What about the fighting stance? How will your character stand? What kind of fighting style? Kung Fu? Boxing? Sumo? Ninja? Cowboy?
  20. I wanna write more about my character.... can I add more things in the text box than just costumes, super move and winning quote..?    
    • No you cannot, I wanna keep the entries consistent, but you can write the bio for the character down the bottom in the artist comment area, I WILL COME BY AND READ IT I PROMISE!
  21. Im not a digital artist, I paint on paper, what should I do?   
    • Well I guess the only way is to scan that image, then cut and paste the character into this layout.. If you don't have any software that can cut and paste images, then maybe find a friend to help you out. Good luck traditional artists! I envy how you guys don't need control Z.
  23. My name is too long it touches the flag, what to do?   
    • Just change the font size.
  24. Is it the country flag of where you were born or where you live?      
    • Whichever you feel like home. But say you live in Taiwan all your life, don't put an English flag just because you like the Beatles. You have to have lived there.
  25. Why did the list of entries here stops at the 78th and people has to click the link to see the rest?     
    • This is a Deviantart problem, apparently you cant have journal entries that exceeds 60kb, I did exactly that with all the thumbnails. So i had to start a whole new entry just to put the rest of the entries there... This is annoying and I apologize. So here is the Part 2 if you don't know what I am talking about.…

If you got more questions, please ask me. If I think lots of people will be asking it too, I will include it in the FAQ


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Saphire-Lia Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
I know the contest is over,But honestly I really LOVE the idea and I would REALLY have fun to do this.
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Very cute idea.
Oddbrother Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011
Although the contest may be over now, you should do some honorary mentions and artist features every now and then. That is, if people continue to use your templates as simply fads instead of contest entries.

IMO, when it went down to you putting this whole thing up, I don't think the fun would end even beyond your deadline. :D
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I guess. I will not let people's effort go to waste though, i plan to start a group.
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I - very poorly - did this XD [link] Not in it for the contest. Just seemed like fun.
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
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I want to particpate! D: But i don't know how draw in photoshop ;----;!! but i can try xDD
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