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March 14, 2012


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Featuring my FRIENDS

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 14, 2012, 10:32 AM

Felt like featuring some amazing artworks from my friends. I know what ya thinking.. 'You got friends?'. SHUT UP. Yes I do and you can't have them! Anyway here goes!

Kamen Riders by Pamplo851 zero wins perfect by Pamplo851
By Pamplo851 :iconpamplo851:
I don't exactly remember how me and Pamplo met, I think he randomly added me on msn. He lives in Colombia and is a very passionate artist/animator. I love the way he colors his stuff! Its very vibrant and the amount of details he puts into the work really inspires me to do so as well. The first artwork he showed me was the Megaman one you see on the right. He too was joining the Megaman Tribute Book at that time, I thought it looked totally amazing... but had to tell him that its the wrong dimension... the Megaman Tribute book required a portrait version not landscape... But a good artwork is never wasted! : D Pamplo has also been teaching me Spanish, now I know a few basic Spanish words to get myself to sound more and more like Antonio Banderas.

Bonne Army Megaman Tribute 2 by JoyDDi You can run Megaman Tribute 4 by JoyDDi Zombifet by JoyDDi 8 Robots Masters Udon Tribute1 by JoyDDi
By JoyDDi :iconjoyddi:
And through Pamplo I met Joan aka JoyDDi aka David aka Juan. It took me a few months till I decided on what to call him. He too is a brilliant artist and animator, also from Colombia. Check out the amount of details on the last Megaman pic, god damn! Besides from art he also has a great knowledge about Street Fighter, like whenever I find out something new in the game and tell him he would tell me he knew it already, Joan is like a walking StreetFighterWikia. And yes I learn Spanish from him as well. I think if i keep this up, one day I could become Zorro.

Pika Pika by alexandrasalas It's tasting time! by alexandrasalas Best Wishes by alexandrasalas BW Poke Doodles in color by alexandrasalas
By kasumichan2003 :iconalexandrasalas:
Kasumi is like the most generous Deviantart person I have seen, her journals are mostly features for other artists bring light to those who are hidden away. Kasumi would give shoutouts to upcoming contests and news article. Well I think its about time she gets to be featured too! I enjoy her versions of Pokemon, they are so cute and original looking. Kasumi is one talented and passionate artist. Oh and there's a chance I might meet her this April if she goes to the Gold Coast Supanova Convention. That would be awesome sauce.

Magnet by nabari Hatsune Miku by nabari Dark Stalker: Lei Lei by nabari Be mine! by nabari
By Nabari :iconnabari:
She actually helped me with a lot with my character's faces. In fact it was Nabari who drew the linework for Link's face in my Majora Must Die artwork…. Not to mention the amount of time she gave me advice on my stuff. Anyway here's a feature of her stuff. She is an incredible traditional artist, her stuff is very manga professional like. When I first met her (When my drawing was horrible), I was shocked that anyone could draw something this good with just a pencil and paper and a couple of hours. And then my skills improved and was no longer shocked.

Sound by Shioiri Smile Smile Smile by Shioiri Drones are friends by Shioiri Morrigan by Shioiri
By Shioiri :iconshioiri:
This girl has helped me out with making the role playing group Mercs of Meleee work. And now she is helping me make the role playing group Pokemon Rainbow work. She has livestreamed and showed me the power of Sai. She is legendary. Hope she gets well soon as she is currently not feeling too well.

Pumpkin of Awesomeness by CrimsonPumpkin Request - Libria Kyzal by CrimsonPumpkin Crazy friends by CrimsonPumpkin Let's Make a Contract by CrimsonPumpkin
By CrimsonPumpkin :iconcrimsonpumpkin:
I met her through the group Mercs of Meleee, then found out she was from Colombia so I started speaking my simple Spanish. Then told her that I know some people who taught me how to speak the language. Then I told her it was Joan and Pamplo, turns out she knows them too. Another awesome coincidence! Anyway Crimson is also my current DrawSomething gaming partner, on a 21 streak at the moment.

Mission 24: Not Until you can see it's Eyes! by Promsie
By PromiseMaker :iconpromsie:
She makes promises apparently. Big thanks to her for helping out with Pokemon Rainbow. Also just found out that she is Asian?! Who knew!

MoM Mission 25 -Ziddy- by TheonknownKLAW MoM Mission 12 -Roat- by TheonknownKLAW Blades by TheonknownKLAW
By theonknownKLAW :icontheonknownklaw:
Another regular at Mercs of Meleee, damn I made quite a number of friends from the group! Whenever I see his entries to missions I would automatically know who drew it. His work are very recognisable with distinctive characters, his story telling abilities are top notch. I find myself laughing at his comics often, especially those with me as cameo.. Dont judge me!.

moon by k-hots cornered by k-hots Royalpass by k-hots Shoot the Panda by k-hots
By k-hots :iconk-hots:
I never did find out why he is called k-hots. But yes.. I also met him through Mercs of Meleee TvT' This guy's fakamon are the best. And thanks for sending me those chinese style Kamen Rider comics.

Little Love by ChioWantsToFly Thanks Ry-Boy by ChioWantsToFly  But I'm sleepy by ChioWantsToFly Video Games by ChioWantsToFly
By Chiowantstofly :iconchiowantstofly:
Chio. I've got nothing to say about her really, she's Chio.


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Well ain't that nice? You've got some pretty swaggin DA buds. :)
CrimsonPumpkin Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
HOLY SH....!! Thanks Ryan *o* I wasn't expecting this and yes, now I feel better!!
Vamos! Nosotros podemos hacerlo! CARAJO!!!! :D
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Many thanks for the feature! :D It generated quite a bit of favs on my artworks! :heart:

And yes, it's my turn to be shocked with your skills...! Need to catch up! >(
redzer0fox Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
seriously badass. all of them.
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jojo thanks bro is awesome be here!!!! i am on fire :D
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