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December 24, 2012


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Do you collect anything?

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 12:59 AM

I collect porn. Nah I joke, there's no need to because you can just stream them.. right awkward. I think it is in human nature to want to collect something right? For me I had many things I used to collect as a child and eventually gave up on.. this says a lot about me, I don't have a lot of patience probably?

There was a point in my life when I collected different Australian 50 cents coins. I can't remember why exactly, but I had a habit of collecting them for some reason. Until I reached a point when I couldn't find different designs anymore.... actually there wasn't a lot. yeah bummer.

Then I got into collecting empty toilet paper rolls, now THIS I really got into, because its little effort with great satisfaction, I used to keep them next to the toilet bowl too, like a whole stack of them. I was planning to collect as many as possible so I can one day build my own toilet paper roll castle. However one horrific day came when my parents threw all my hard earned treasure in the bin, it was because we have guests over and my parents thought my hobby embarrasses and brings shame to the family. FFFFFFFFFFF!!! I still collect it up to this day, but ever once in a while my mum would secretly throw them away. ARRRGGHHH! >:I

What about now? What am I collecting right now? Well this is more of a recent thing, but I have made a commitment to collect all Nicolas Cage movies. His over the top charisma and god like acting skills has blown my mind to pieces. With the help of TarouFish's birthday gift to me, I now have around 20 Nicolas Cage movies... so just another 50 to go. I will also be keeping all of them in a... *puts on sunglasses* cage.

POCKET MONSTER! Now this is something I have been collecting since I was 10, thats right like Ash Ketchum I have been on my Pokemon journey since I turned 10, but unlike Ash Ketchum I don't remain 10 for the rest of my life. So yeah I am one pokemon away from filling up my dex for now, missing that Meloetta. Other than that I also collect Shiny, I have some legit ones and some hacked ones.

These are some things I have collected in my life, do you collect anything? Maybe figurines? Stickers? Or even something weirder like hair? bottle caps? Stamps?

:bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletyellow::bulletpurple::bulletgreen:IT IS CURRENTLY DISNEY MONTH:bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletpurple::bulletyellow::bulletred:

  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Big Bang
  • Reading: Teleportation for Dummies?
  • Watching: Nicolas Cage movies
  • Playing: Sonic All Star Racing Transformed
  • Eating: Dinosaur Pie
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NicoleTheKiller Nov 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I collect Pokèmon merchandise,video games of any kind,and those stupid rainbow loom rubber band bracelets that people but for five dollars at my school.
BlueMaroon Dec 28, 2012  Student Filmographer
Im a little late for this but I collect Piggy Banks, special Canadian coins and of course I have a ton of pokemon cards that I collected. I currently have 50 piggy banks, and 40 dollars worth of coins haha The piggy bank obsession started when I was 10. I got my first piggy bank and just started collecting them since then. I think my coin collection started around then too. Oh and I used to, and still kinda do, collect rocks ever since I was little haha.
Ry-Spirit Dec 28, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
all those piggy on your shelf! it must be so cute
Rutana Dec 28, 2012  Student Writer
I collected so much in the past... luckily, I disbanded most "collections" sooner or later XD
Some years ago, I also collected toilet paper roles to be honest. I stabled them at my windows, too, and found it to be funny to see them stable up...
It was completly silly though, and it was a lot of fun to squeeze every single one of them flat as I disbanded it XD

The two things that come closest to an collection now are figures, that I collect together with my boyfriend, and nerdy/geeky T-Shirts/Hoodies.
Also I love to "collect" artwork about my characters.
And I like to get my hands on merchandise of all the things I like - which mostly ends up in nerdy and geeky stuff as well XD

My boyfriend and I got a huge collection of DVDs/BluRays, too, for that matter.
And lots of games (that partly aren't even played yet, unfortunally <.<)
Birdy2 Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Anime/ video game related things and penguins.
When I was younger I collected stuffed cats. I got rid of most of them now, but I kept the 5 grey beanie babies I had named george 1, george 2, george 3, george 4 and george 5. 2,3, and 5 are just plain grey, 1 and 4 are grey and white striped. Idk exactly why I thought they all looked the same..? but oh well.

Now I don't collect anything. I've actually been on a long quest to own less crap. I want to have room in my room for stuff as I need/want it, so I've been throwing out old stuff ever few weeks to keep it livable. Of course it's still got a lot of junk I haven't the heard to part with yet, but I swear I will eventually. Maybe not with the georges, but I dunno.
BeautyIsOptional Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I collect two things, and they're sort've strange...
Necklaces - I have a small obsession I think. I have about ten hooks on my wall, and on each one hangs 3 or 4 necklaces. They're pretty awesome, too, like obnoxiously awesome. My favourite one has a single white feather with a black eagle talon hooked to it. That's actually one of the least "interesting" ones, though.
Eggs (made of stone) - I have about ten of these, one from each vacation I've been on. I do have one that a friend got me from an antique shop. It's red with an ornate flower painted on with bright green vines swirling around it. I have it perched on its own gold stand. :)
My aunt gave me some Pinky st. figurines as a gift when she visited from Japan. After I got a job I started buying more to keep the collection going. I started with four and now have nine sitting on my desk. I've pretty much bought the ones I like from Amazon so I haven't bought any in a while. Plus, there are some that I DO like but I do not think that they are worth the prices (some are up to 100 bucks).

I also save all of the cards I receive for anything (birthday, christmas, etc.) Some have been thrown away over the years but it's very hard for me to let them go.

Also, tickets. Movie tickets, bus tickets, sport game tickets, I save them all. I'm pretty good at throwing my movie and bus tickets out pretty quick. No point in having them clutter up my wallet. Sport game tickets, though, I have been saving since I started going to games in high school. There are only maybe two that have been thrown out, one was at the end of my first game and another was sitting around and my mom threw it out. The rest are in one of my old binders. Going to one of the American Bowl games coming up with my dad, that ticket's going to be added to my collection.
I like to keep stuff my friends give me, like photos and notes and letters, any junk my friends consider a gift, movie tickets and well, stuff. It makes me happy to open my memories box and re read old letters and watch old photos :)
angel-oni13 Dec 26, 2012  Professional Writer
I've been collecting a lot of things that I think I'm actually collecting collections.
25 cents (I've become rich because of this. Or slightly less poorer)
Jackstone balls (only the balls)
Pokemon (both in-game and collectibles but mostly cards)
Hats (wickedly cool and cute ones only)
Stuff toys
Game action figures
and a whole lot of other stuff that I don't wanna mention because I'm lazy
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