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March 31


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Confession. Im sorry.. well we are

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 31, 2014, 7:12 AM

Hello my fellow Ryceballs. Its been a while since I wrote another journal I do apologize, I have been busy lately with things. Well.. to be honest there has been some frictions.. with us. You might be confused by what I just said.. well ok let me begin by saying thank you to all the supporters over the years first, 6 to be exact! Ry-Spirit began his life on Deviant 6 years ago! Wow long time right?! And I think it is time that I share something with you guys. Just wanna be honest here.. There is no I in Ry-Spirit. But there is an 'Us'. Ry-Spirit.. Umm Ry.. He never existed. I will explain in this journal entry.

6 years ago me and 4 talented friends decided to make an account on Deviantart and created a fictional artist by the name of Ry-Spirit. We all had our own individual Deviantart accounts but we weren't really getting a lot of pageviews and attention, mostly because we have our own lives and don't have all day to just sit down and draw. But we really wanted a page that can get a lot of attention, we then joked and came up with an idea to create a fictional character called Ry. And make it seem like he is just one guy who sits at home all day to draw, but in fact we are 5 artists who contributes a piece to the account once in a while.

That way, we have created over 800 artworks on this account so far! We also tried to be consistent with our style..? but its kinda obvious sometimes that its done by different people... Like for example compare this with this one.

Cheers! by Ry-Spirit vs Mind Palace by Ry-Spirit

One is really cartoon simple vector style while the other one is rather realistic and detailed looking. You know what I mean? But no one pointed that out so we were quite happy about that.

So why are we confessing this? Why ruin the magic? Why not just keep it the way it is? Well we didn't think we would make it this far to be honest. What started off as kinda an experiment spiraled into a giant massive lie, the fans were very supportive, we just felt guilty. In fact we often argued whether we should tell the people about the lie.. and after 6 years we just thought, yeah we owe you guys...

And yes.. you have guessed it. We are closing the account after this, I mean the account will still be here, you can still come by once in a while and admire our art. But we just won't update it anymore, Putting an end to Ry-Spirit once and for all ^^" our team of five kinda grew apart over the years too.. we had our little friction that kinda put the final nail on the coffin. Drama llama!

So we are sorry for hiding this, I mean we STILL put in our effort and hard work to make these artworks don't get us wrong. But just not done by one person called Ry thats all... and yeah we are sorry but its true, Ry doesn't exist. He never did. He was merely a Spirit, remember how we mentioned how there wasn't any explanation for how the word Spirit in Ry-Spirit came about? Well here's the reason, he is just a ghost, an invisible ghost.

The Team

Well since we are going full out, we might as well reveal who we are. Have some closure to this mess.

Alfonso Franklin is me, the person writing this journal right now, Im in charge of writing journals and polls and making sure that there's a consistency in the writing part of Ry-Spirit. I also draw a little bit.

Penelope O'Donald is a talented artist who's strength is in painting. She was also my girlfriend but we are not together anymore.

Renmin Ong is an artist who lives in Malaysia, he specializes in Graphic Design so his work are usually a bit more designer looking. If you see an artwork in the gallery that looks kinda tripply and stylish, that's most likely Renmin's.

Irene Law is another fantastic artist who specializes in cartoonish chibi style artworks, Irene did most of the Pokemon artworks in the team's gallery.

Leo So is the 'Face of the public' as we like to call him. You probably seen him on previous journals about going to conventions and selling our art. Leo cannot draw but he can sell, so we have him on the team for that. He is merely the face of Ry-Spirit for any public appearances.

And thats it! This is gonna be the last journal entry from team Ry-Spirit. We totally understand if you feel angry towards us for not being honest that we are a group of five people, and trust me sometimes we do too... And you know what? Feel free to unwatch this account because there won't be any updates here anymore. Anyway. For the last time, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR SUPPORTING US. We cannot be thankful enough for the love you have given us, of course we appreciate it! Thats why we are confessing here ryght? haha... a Ry pun. I am gonna miss that. For the team, for me, this is Alfonso. Take care and goodbye.

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