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July 29, 2013


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Art is my Sword and Shield

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 29, 2013, 4:18 AM

Hi Ryceballs! Today I just wanna share with you guys stories about how art has affected my life in a positive way, how it protected me as well as how it made me become a more confident man as you see today, this applied very heavily especially during my school years.

This is a photo of me when I was at school. I wasn't the best looking fella and wasn't very smart either, all I did was play Pokemon and daydream, actually I was pretty much setting myself up for great humiliation and constant bullying with what I do lol. But one thing kept my head above water, I used to draw... a LOT. I used to draw in my little pink diary as well as even drawing in my homework. I just really loved.. to draw. And you know what? I gained a lot of respect for that. I wasn't one of those popular kids at school but I actually got along with ALL the stereotype groups, I got along with the popular guys, the nerds, the hot girls, the Hongkies, the Korean breakdancers, the wannabe gangsters, I even got along with the kids who usually hates everyone. It wasn't like I was friends with all of them groups but all of them liked me and respected me, it really was like I was in an episode of 'Everybody loves Ry' ok? And I am lucky and grateful for that, I think the thing was people just tend to respect those with a talent? Mine happen to be art. And to be honest I mostly hung around guys who weren't popular and a bit geeky and just played videogames all day, I feel that I am most comfortable around these 'non-cool' friends because we have a common interest and they are incredibly nice people, they don't put on a mask to impress girls because... well because they don't talk to girls to start off with... And sometimes yes they do get bullied and teased by the more popular guys, it is sad to see. But no one really tried to bully me or anything eventhough I hung around the nerdy kids.

Actually at one point I even got a 'gangsters protection' status from these so called 'Gangster Busters' because they like me so much. Now I don't understand why they were called Gangster Busters because these guys were also gangsters, they were gangsters who fights gangsters apparently? Wait does that mean that they fight themselves sometimes?? Or maybe its like a symbolic thing? Like they are gangsters so everyday they have to fight their own inner demon in order to keep themselves from becoming a real gangster or something? I don't know it was very confusing. But they told me if other gangs try to mess with me I can go to them for help. I of course just nodded and never talked to them much again, I don't wanna get involved in any gangster wannabe wars!

I was also quite popular with the ladies, once in a while I would get a girl asking if I can draw them like one of my french girls. LOL NO. well not that extreme, but yes I would draw them if they ask (With their clothes on of course) and yeah I would get along with them and then nothing would happen LOL. My friends would be like 'Woah dude you actually talked to a girl! What are these mystical creatures like? Did you gain super powers from this?'. But yeah, I do I think that this whole art thing kinda boosted my confidence a little bit, I was the bravest (well I would say most natural one) out of my group when it comes to talking to pretty girls, to be honest its not even that big of a deal when I think about it now, they are just human beings like everyone else afterall.. but you know kids, back then there was the whole girls germs/ boys germs and how if you talk to a girl you are a loser kinda thing. I mean we were like 17.. BUT STILL GIRLS GERMS WERE STILL AROUND OK? :'U

So yeah. Having a talent for art has protected me from bullying as well as helping me talk to girls... (omg such a loser). Oh also, another thing that I also used as my Sword and Shield was my sense of humour. I was friendly with everyone and cracked a joke once in a while. Remember this, no matter how fantastic your art is, if you are an asshole then your art won't do you any good. Nobody likes an asshole.

So thats that, I hope you Ryceballs out there ain't being bullied or anything in school now.. If you are then I am sorry to hear that. :(  I hope this journal has helped you in some way or another in understanding how to 'fit in'. Well not so much about how to become the most popular person or whatever.. but just how to gain respect from your peers. As well as using your talent to show others that you are not to be messed around with.

Ry-Spirit cares. :iconsparklesplz:

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Laevier Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
AAhhh I love your journals! But yeah I can kinda relate. I was lucky enough to be friends with the nerds and the popular ones; though it wasn't like that at the start 

In Junior High, I started drawing anime here and there, and another girl who liked to draw was pretty popular at the time. There were rumors in which I copied her stuffs; when I heard that I was just 'Wow I don't even know that girl draws'. Then that girl's group did stuffs like yelling at me, badmouthing me when I was in the room etc. But yes no violence luckily. Actually I was so carefree I was the last one in the class to realize I got bullied LOL. I missed all those obvious clues but I am not that slow anymore okay TRUST ME. Sad thing is my 'so-called' friends left me too huhuh it came to a point when I only got 1 friend to talk to, but yeah got over that pretty quick.

Fast forward 2 years after that though, stuffs happen, and that girls' clique and I somehow became close friends; It is ironic as they individually said to me that although as a group, they were always together, they never really open up to each other. So they did to me and I didn't share their secrets to anyone. (Lol we were junior high kids but why does it sound so serious..)

Nowadays, they sometimes say things like, 'Why did we used to fight again? Hmnn I don't even remember'. Easy to say huh. But that time, I learned the power of truly listening. So powerful that it got me out of being isolated and I was #1 most trustable friend on yearbook haha. Good times, good times. 
Ry-Spirit Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
aww thats a good story, and haha #1 trustable friend! good on u hehe. and yeah glad to hear drawing got u through things. to many positive years to come!
swadowstep Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013
... that was one nice photo...
you look great.....

really nice photo really good....
RobinTheBard Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome Title and an Awesome Backstory deserves Awesome Applause! :iconclappingplz:
theamazingwrabbit Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
you know what i was reading this and i was like "psh drawing never got me anywhere with people" but then i remember that drawing was actually the way i made a lot of friends at this one base i went to, they even shared a pizza with me and i just met them!!!
You're right Ry i should never doubt you :iconawesomefaceplz:
Rutana Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Student Writer
Yeah... that whole thing of "boy germs, girl germs" killed my last real friendship as kid :/
I was a nerd all my life - but of course, the word "nerd" wasn't known back then among us kids (in germany).
So, because playing video games was basically my favorite hobby, I was lucky to find a few boys one year younger then me who shared this hobby. I was about 9/10 back then? When I got 11/12 somewhere around that, the friendship slowly died and I couldn't tell why. It felt  like somehow the boys didn't wanted to hang out with me anymore... my mom told me, that they might have come to the age, where they could feel embarrassed to hang out with girls, but I didn't understood it back then :o

Didn't found any friends afterwards (except some people on the internet) and the bullying in school just got started about that time as well... growing up in an area where everyone, even boys, didn't openly committed to playing games and gamers were laughed at from everyone didn't helped much. Staying myself instead of buying girl magz and go crazy about whatever pop-star was considered as sexy and awesome at that time didn't helped much as well... Guess if I would've lived in a bigger city, my chances might've been better XD

I think you're lucky, that you were respected so much for your art actually. I don't think that goes for everyone, unfortunately...
But I'm very glad for you :)
CountChristoph Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013   Writer
According to a recenter photograph, your Looks have improved (and a very great Deal, though I imagine that is perhaps the most unflattering Picture you have of yourself, and you may well have taken it specifically for it NOT to be flattering; you could also well be lying about that being you at all, but I do not believe I've any Reason to suspect that), though I don't know you well enough to speak for your Intelligence; you do, however, seem able to Communicate, which means you are apparently functional on some Level or other, and a Capacity for Art implies some Part of your Brain or other must be functional (and being 'Book Dumb' is an... easier Price to pay than the Nervous Problems coupled with the Talents I seem to have gotten)...


*pokes you to determine if there is enough Meat on you to make you worth eating*
WorldFruitTree Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
Ry you look like one sexy beast :3
LovelyLittleSin Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I guess art has helped me in a way, but it has also held me back in some ways. I always draw when I'm not supposed (in class) and the end result doesn't always turn out right. And I've gotten a few nicknames that aren't the greatest because someone saw me draw a boob (oh, the horror!) and apparently since I draw anime style I automatically draw henti .-.
But it has also been a very good outlet for my feelings and whatnot. So ot balances out :meow:
InkyTophat Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It was only when I started drawing publicly in school did the bullies started to worship me. 
And when they requested that I draw them something.

I gave them the finger.

Revenge never feels tastier. 
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