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January 16, 2009
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Pokemon Heroes Tutorial by Ry-Spirit Pokemon Heroes Tutorial by Ry-Spirit
Here is a tutorial for how I did the Pokemon Heroes [link] picture as many as asked. This is usually how I work but can change from times to times... but this is how I did it for THIS picture. I used photoshop CS1.

Step 1: Draw a rough idea of what it will look like on paper with a pencil, then using a black pen outline the parts which looks good, of course then you rub out the pencil sketch. Now scan it to your computer and use photoshop to clean up the mess as well as thickening certain lines etc.

Step 2: Do a base color over the picture, you can do that by magic wanding certain parts of the picture then on a new layer paint the colors you want over it and give it a 'multiply' blending effect so the colors will not go over the black area of your line art. I just use magic wand because it is the fastest.

Step 3: So far we have 2 layers, the line art and the color layers. In step 3 I like to add the shadows, I usually do it by using the polygonal lasso tool to select the area you want to darken and then use brightness/contrast to darken it. A good idea is to imagine where the lights are coming from and imagine what effect it will have to the character.

Step 4: Adding details! As you can tell I love having gradient effects over my characters. I do this by magic wanding certain parts and then using the burn/lighten tool to give it gradient effect (I use this tool because it is fast and easy to control). I also added finishing touches of colors over the characters to give them a tint so they seems to be more in line with the background. For some characters I also added some reflections on their hair and shiny parts of their body like the pokeball.

So here it is! As you can tell the steps are not very difficult, but it just takes time and patience and you will definately need a good eye for colors, proportion and lighting. A famous saying is "Photoshop is not hard to use, but making the work look good is the hard part". If you have more questions you can ask me and I can explain them in more details.

Here is the link to the final picture again:D I haven't done a tutorial since a year ago! [link]
wow !suge*_*
i'll try it ^^
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