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Hello everybody! I am one of the Fan Art Gallery Community Volunteer along with Lyricanna. One of the privileges of my role is I can feature Daily Deviations. So if you see an artwork that you think is worth having a DD please suggest it to me! Below is a few guidelines.

:bulletgreen: How to suggest?: Send your suggestions to me in a note (One note per day thanks), with 1 to 5 suggestions max. And remember to add BIG thumbsnails eg :bigthumbxxxxxxxxx: instead of links please. ALSO title your note as "DD Suggestions"

:bulletgreen: Try to suggest other people's art! I highly encourage that you suggest other people's artwork instead of your own so that love are shared all around! There's no greater feeling than finding your artwork being featured and suggested by someone out of their kindness and appreciation. But if you really really want to, you can suggest your own artworks too.

:bulletgreen: Explain why you think it deserves a DD Please explain why you think its DD worthy. And don't just say 'its pretty', try to expand it a little bit, like maybe its the concept you like? The character's expression? The artist's style? The humour? etc etc. And if your explaination is well written I will include it on the Daily Deviation award.

:bulletgreen: Send your suggestions to only one Community Volunteer at a time!: That way you'll save us confusion and misunderstandings! The other fan art volunteer being Lyricanna

:bulletgreen: 6 Months rule: Don't suggest pieces from artists who has received a DD in the past 6 months. I also like to preferably feature underrated artists who are less popular, in order to give them some exposure and attention. <3

:bulletgreen: Fan art only: Im only in charge of the fan art DD, so please make sure your suggestions belong in the proper category.

:bulletgreen: Quality of fan art: I like fan art that has a message as well as it being exceptionally well drawn. What makes a fan art? I believe it is an artist's own interpretation of an existing fandom, how does the artist portray the fandom in their own uniqueness? What is the story the artist is trying to tell? What makes their artwork stand out from the crowd? And of course all the technical stuff matters too like coloring and composition and shading etc etc! And I need to be picky as well as I can only feature ONE DD per day amongs the many suggestions. Please be aware of this!

OK thats pretty much it! Pretty similar rules to the other volunteers out there. And of course here's a few links of interests to make things even more clear!

FAQ #61: What is a Daily Deviation?
FAQ #18: Who selects Daily Deviations and how are they chosen?
FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

Ry-Spirit cares


Your art is an inspiration <3
Mon Aug 11, 2014, 11:52 PM
Hullo, Little thingy!!
Fri Aug 8, 2014, 7:33 AM
HAI Ry! I havent been active for a while ;-; Do u remember me, senpai?? lol
Wed Aug 6, 2014, 7:14 AM
I'm in love with your art!!♥♥
Mon Aug 4, 2014, 9:02 PM
Wed Jul 30, 2014, 11:43 AM
Hey Ry! I'm a man!
Sat Jul 19, 2014, 6:17 PM
Scream and shout and let it all out~
Mon Jul 14, 2014, 12:58 AM
This message sHALL NOT PASS.
Sun Jul 13, 2014, 6:32 PM
Mon Jul 7, 2014, 9:01 PM
doot doot
Fri Jun 20, 2014, 8:01 PM

Hug all the Animals

Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 8:35 AM

Above is me and the Hitler cat (I am the one with the hat) at the Melbourne Cat Cafe that I visited a few days ago, marking it the second time I ever touched a cat, the first time being just two years ago. Its not that I don't like cats or anything, but I just never had the chance to. And after having a conversation with my friend Snacky-Bites about pets, I have decided to write about pets I used to own. From as early as I can remember. WARNING: May contain tear jerking moments.

Startin with a pair of rabbits I used to own when I was around 6. I remember my parents bought me two fluffy white rabbits from the local street markets in Hong Kong. Yeah i know, not in a pet shop but in the street market? Now i think about it, it seems a bit odd. Not sure if its even legal! Don't you need a proper license shop with a roof at least? We might as well buy it from a man with sun glasses and hat in the back alley with rabbits inside his long coat. But I digress. So two rabbits, and... after about two weeks... one of them died. I know right, Im sorry if I made anyone sad with this story but yes it happened, we were treating it good too, I got a feeling it has something to do with those markets, maybe the rabbits were already in bad health I dunno, whats even more sad (Sadness ahead, just skip to the next story if you dont wanna read it) whats even more sad is that I still remember the other rabbit looking at and touching the passed away rabbit, pushing it gently like as if it was trying to wake it up, I still remember that image very clearly and yes I was in tears of course (even now typing this up Im feeling teaRy...), it was my first exposure to the concept of death and it happened to my cute little fluffy white rabbit ;v;" the other rabbit lived a bit longer, but a few weeks after it also passed away, this time I held back my tears but still sad..

Thennnn I must've been like 10 or 11 when I had my second pet, well two Goldfish to be exact! I named the orange one Magikarp and the white and red one Goldeen, because I was a big fan of Digimon obviously. I don't remember where I got them actually, I'm guessing from a pet store of course but I don't remember getting them at all its kinda weird. I also liked smelling the fish food, they smelt really yummy lol. Oh yes a very interesting story, I had a seashell that I kept in the fish bowl where Magikarp and Goldeen lived, one morning I went to feed them to realise that Magikarp was missing! I was worried that it somehow escaped the fish bowl like in Finding Nemo, I should've known better that my fishes were plotting a prison break. Then I looked at the seashell and realised that Magikarp was stuck inside, so I shook the seashell and eventually freed Magikarp, then something crazy happened that got me really confused. Magikarp.... evolved! NO it did not evolve into a Gyarados. But rather, it changed color, Magikarp now evolved from an orange fish to a white fish, at first I thought maybe Magikarp died and my parents replaced it with a new fish? But they said no they didn't do anything. I was very confused as to what happened to Magikarp haha. It was only till years later when the internet was invented that I found out its normal for Goldfish to change color.

Then I got my dog Kakashi, you may have heard me talk about that little son of a bitch before in previous journals. Kakashi, because I was a big fan of Bleach obviously. Kakashi is a mixed between Shih Tzu and a Jack Rusell... we think. We don't know for sure because I got the dog from my ex who had dogs who gave birth to a few puppies, but she never told me the breeds for unknown reason, and since we don't talk anymore its hard to find out more info about Kaka's origin (I mean me and my ex don't talk, not me and my dog). He is a funny dog, gets along with humans very well, ultra friendly, but very antisocial towards other dogs, might be because once he was bitten in the tummy by another dog, and since then he just thought all other dogs are bad.

OK then lastly I gota talk about my two mice. Mr Honey and Mr Horny. and no I did not come up with those names. The two mice actually once belong to my college classmate Bahareh, she named the golden one Mr Honey because of his color, and never understood why the silver one is called Mr Horny, I never caught him jerking off to porn or whatever. I loved them both very much, but I got a feeling that they never really trusted me, I would feed them and change their newspaper and stuff but they always try to run away from me. One time Mr Horny did a prison break and escaped! Literally climbed its way out of the box, I never thought he was able to but he did, like in Batman Rises. And I was heartbroken.. I couldn't find him for days, I knew he was in the house somewhere, so I would put cheese on the floor around the house to make sure that even if he's free he would still be able to survive. Until one day at the corner of my eye I spotted him in the kitchen, so I quickly opened my arms hoping he would jump into mine in slow motion and dramatic music, that didn't happen, the little guy just ran for his life! :T He hid behind the fridge, it was really hard to get him out but eventually I caught him and brought him back into his cell.

So yeah as you can see, not too many pets, kinda sad really.. I wish I had more! Anyway I couldn't find any pics of my fish and rabbit, I just have some pics of Kakashi and my mice.. so I have also included some random animals in there to make it seem like I had more.

Kakashi with Hehallama on his head

This has got to be my favourite photo of Kaka. As you can see, he is a cross between Shih Tsu and Satan.

Happy fun times

Handsome boy

And then Harry Potter stole him. :Y

The ever famous bee suit Kakashi.

Is this dog even real?


Mr Horny going for that cheese

I used to love putting him on the table tennis table, because he can run around on a big empty space, and also so I can teach him table tennis.

Mr Horny getting dat cheese

This is a panda

This is a tiger

This is a dolphin

And at one point I had a dinosaur as a pet.

So that is all, tell me about your animals and share some funny stories about them. Do it right meow!

Ry-Spirit cares.

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Captain Ry
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Hi my name is Ry. Nice to meet you!
I like to draw and play videogames.
I live under a tree.

I am also a Community Volunteer for the Fan Art section. So if you have a Daily Deviation suggestion please note me! Info on DD Suggestions can be found on the left side of this page and scrolled down, keep scrolling!

For commissions and buying prints (More info about buying prints in the banner below) please send a message to my email at

Oh also I have a Kiriban of 999,999,999 if anyone is interested in catching it, full info here…

For my other website pages like Facebook or Tumblr or Youtube please click on the top hats below.



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